Mian Alamdar Abbas Qureshi

Mian Alamdar Abbas Qureshi Muzaffargarh-V MPA

Mian Alamdar Abbas Qureshi is a politician in 16th Assembly of Pakistan whose tenure spans from the year 2013 till date. He belongs to constituency PP-255 (Muzaffargarh-V) which ... Continue Reading →
Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial

PP-257 (Muzaffargarh-VII) Politician Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial

Mr Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial is a renowned politician of Muzaffargarh district belonging to constituency PP-257 (Muzaffargarh-VII). His current official position is that of Parliamentary ... Continue Reading →
Malik Ahmad Yar Hanjra

PP-251 (Muzaffargarh-I) Politician Malik Ahmad Yar Hanjra

Mr Malik Ahmad Yar Hanjra is a politician belonging to constituency PP-251 (Muzaffargarh-I) in the 16th Punjab Assembly whose tenure spans from the year 2013-till date. He is affiliated ... Continue Reading →

How To Hire A Contractor In Pakistan?

Whether you are hiring a contractor to carry out repairs, renovations or full-fledged construction of your home or office, factor the following into ensure a hassle-free experience. 1. ... Continue Reading →

Winter Care For Your Car

Winter has arrived and walking out to your car, turning the key in the ignition and driving off is no longer a certainty to act up in the cold weather. This is why you should pay ... Continue Reading →
Hammad Nawaz Tipu

Hammad Nawaz Tipu PML (N) Politician

Mr Hammad Nawaz Tipu is a member of 16th Assembly whose tenure is 2013 till date. He belongs to constituency PP-254 (Muzaffargarh-IV). He is affiliated with a public movement of ... Continue Reading →