Actress Noor Conflicts with Third Husband Increases

Actress Noor Bukhari Lahore: Pakistani Actress Noor Bukhari may face her third divorce, a Pakistani newspaper reported. According to report, Actress Noor has some conflict with husband she is not happy due to some reasons. Mother of Noor, told media that family is trying to convince actress but she is not agree to forgive her husband easily. The family sources didn’t tell reason of this issue but family members confirmed that some actions from Noor Husband hurt her.

Noor Marriage Life details:

Noor’s first marriage was held in 2008 with a Hindu guy named Vikram but later it was ended due to some unknown reasons. This fight between Noor and Vikram was recorded in Geo TV’s Nadia Khan Morning Show in UAE. This Marriage was taken negatively in all over Pakistan due to Noor Husband’s Religion.

The Second Marriage of Noor was worst as it could remain just 4 months. She married famous director and producer Farooq Mengal in June 2010 and then left him. Like first time, Noor again demanded Divorce from Farooq. Noor’s father Sheeraz Bukhari told media that Mengal was harming her daughter.

Actress Noor Recent Husband

Actress Noor Current Husband Picture

Now Noor’s third marriage was held with Mr. Awn Chaudhry. In September 2012, Actress Noor gave Birth to Baby Girl and after just few months of this, she returned on media. Awn Chaudhry has already two sons from previous wife. The Inside sources said that this time charges have been started from Noor. And Noor may filed divorce complain in upcoming days but currently we are taking it as rumor and hope that their cold war will end soon.

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