Arshad Pappu Leaked Torture Video

Recently I saw a video of gangster Arshad Pappu who was brutally murdered by unknown people. In the video his head is being cut off from the body and his face was skinned and eyes gouged out with knives and screwdriver.


On 17th March Arshad Pappu was killed along with his brother and partner by unknown people, according to police. The two-minute video which has gone viral on social media is also not known from which source it has been uploaded.

In the video two men are looks torturing the body of Arshad Pappu and some people are talking to one another in the background. It suggests that the scene was being witnessed by a large number of people. After watching the chilling video many people on Facebook have commented that this not the way to treat anyone either he is a gangster or murderer. Police should take notice of this and should immediately arrest the killers of Arshad Pappu.

We are not uploading video as it is not suitable for audience.