Art Of Music & Art Of Buildings

Art Of Music:

Who is ignorant of Artist & academic capabilities of Amir Khusro? The development of music during the regime of rulers of Delhi, was due to Amir Khusro only who invented new tunes (Raags) in the field of music & new sons with the mixing of Hindi & Persin. The different new Raags invented by Khusro like Namara, Sazkari, Kalyan, Zif & Aiman are still popular amongst the musicians.

Art Of Buildings:

There is hundreds of specimen of Islamic Art of Buildings scattered throughout whole of Indo-Pak subcontinent. Prior to advent of Islam in India, the art of building was associated with that of Hindu style.

The buildings which were got constructed by Muslims were airy, having dooms & arches & the wall were decorated by floral & colourful designs. The colours were so durable that still they are glittering.