Syed Rashid Ali Shah

Sindhi Poet Rashid Morai Dies

Hyderabad: The noted revolutionary Sindhi, well-known poet and writer Syed Rashid Ali Shah, recognized for his inventive verses, died on Monday after prolonged sickness at Rajputana ... Continue Reading →
solid waste

Lahore, Quetta And Peshawar Among The Most Polluted Cities Of The World

Paris: Three cities of Pakistan have been ranked by the world health organization as the most polluted cities of the world. The world health organization has issued a list of ten ... Continue Reading →

Tehreek-e-Insaf End To Blocking Of NATO Supplies

Islamabad: The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan chaired a meeting on Thursday, in which the issues of NATO blockage, Party‚Äôs affairs, Talks with Taliban and National ... Continue Reading →

Lahore Court Dismissed All Petitions Against Import Of Indian Films

In Lahore High Court 12 petitions were registered against import of Indian films in the country. all those petitions has been dismissed by the judge of Lahore High court and now ... Continue Reading →
Ashok Singhal

Indian Hindu Majority Likely to Convert In to Minority

Ashok Singhal the previous leader of Hindu extremist party of India Vishwa Hindu Parishad has said that Hindus are converting to other religions in a larger number. He also said ... Continue Reading →
Mawra Hocane actress

Mawra Hocane Says She Has No Time to Hate Anyone

Mawra Hocane, sister of Urwa Hocane is an actress and VJ by profession. She was born on September 1992, Peshawar. After her birth the family moved to Karachi, their present living ... Continue Reading →