Ayesha Ahad Malik Starts Chasing Hamza Shahbaz

Ayesha Ahad

Lahore: An interesting situation was happened when Ayesha Ahad Malik stopped Hamza Shahbaz’s Caravan in Punjab Stadium, Lahore. She tried to stop Hamza’s car but according to Ayesha Hamza runaway. Hamza Shahbaz was in Punjab Stadium to watch “Pak-India Pehlwan Dangal” and he was special guest of this Dangal.

Ayesha Ahad Malik told to media that she will continue to pursuit Hamza Shahbaz until she get justice, she said why Nawaz Sharif an Shahbaz Sharif are not listening her? She said that Hamza Shahbaz guards also know her and she will continue to follow Hamza.