Best Seekh Kababs in Karachi

Please tell about Best seekh kababs in Karachi. Whoever has visited these places, share your idea.

Meerath or Bandu Khan or Ghaffar or Noorani… depends on tastebuds. However not every Meerut, the New Town branch is good.

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar ( delhi mercantile society ) and Zameer Ansari ( kokan society).

Waheed burns road. No match to those kababs , but you have to compromise on hygiene. I will still not mind the risk.

Rango Kabab by Kabab Jee.

Noorani has the best Seekh kebab….BUT I highly recommend sir that you try Waheed k kebab, burns road, dhagay walay kebab. Amazing.

Mamoun kabak 8 number Aziz abad.

Best Seekh is Bundu Khan, Best Dhaga is Ghaffar, Best Bihari is Meerut Tipu Sultan Best Malai is Zameer Ansari.