Canal System Of Pakistan

At the time of partition the Western part of province of Punjab was given to Pakistan and Eastern part was given to India. As a result the canal system of Punjab was also divided. The head works of Sutlej and Ravi canals were in India while some parts of Pakistan were being irrigated by these canals.

This created the canal water dispute which was later resolved with the efforts of the World Bank. A treaty between India and Pakistan was entered into in 1960 regarding the distribution of canal water.

According to this treaty India was allowed total control over three eastern rivers. Sutlej , Beas and Ravi while three western rivers Chenab, Jhelum and Indus came to Pakistan. As a result of this treaty and due to loss of three Eastern rivers, the shortage of water was made good through new dams, link canals and tube wells. Some of the important projects are as under.