Car Challan at Shahrah E-Faisal, Karachi

Recently I went at Pakistan Air Force (PAF) information and selection center that is near PAF Base Faisal for my test and I parked my car outside at main Shahrah E-Faisal road where everybody else parked their cars like I was 11th person who parked the car over their. 

After my test the car wasn’t their where I parked…so I went at challan center which was at Gulistan-E-Jauhar turn and talk with that person who lifted my car after 20mins of discussion somehow he counseled me and I gave him 500rs then he said me sir now you can take your car but when I said him to give me the slip of that 500rs which I paid you he said me that the car lifting charges we don’t provide any slip like this.

When I said him NO I won’t go give me that slip he said show me your original car documents Original NIC and original driving license which I showed him.

Afterwards he said me acha bachu ab mein tumhei double challan lagaoga 520rs of Lifting charges and 320rs of wrong parking I said him okay but just give me that challan which I have to pay he said come with me and meet with my officer(syed gaji dino shah) who was very nice person I told him all the situation that I am doctor I parked my car where everybody else does and I wasn’t aware of the things that are going over here then he said 8 other cars we have lifted up from their and guide me everything about Shahrah E-Faisal rules and all in such a decent way and in last gave me E-challan of 320rs and said get your 500rs back from that person and pay this challan of 320rs.

Conclusion: Whenever any scene like this happen with you must ask for the slip whatever amount you are going to pay… and don’t give bribe please…. sorry I couldn’t take the picture of that culprit.

By Arslan Mughal