Shoes That Go The Distance – Vehicle Tyres

While using old discarded tyres to make footwear is not a new concept (we have all seen documentaries of Masai tribesmen wearing Lugabire sandals made out of worn out tyres,while ... Continue Reading →

Meat Recipes From Around The World – Diners’ Delights

If you are thinking about how to serve all the meat stashed in your freezers post Bakra Eid, here some recipes – most, a fusion of foreign cuisines flavoured to local taste ... Continue Reading →

Floodwater Management In Pakistan

Floodwater Management In Pakistan Due to global climate change and rapid urban growth, Pakistan is hit by catastrophic floods every year, causing millions of people to suffer massive ... Continue Reading →

Measuring Talent – HR Horizons

Peter Ducker, the founder of modern management once said: ”You can’t manage what you don’t measures”. Since acquiring, managing and retaining the right ‘talent’ ... Continue Reading →

Have A Safe Bakra Eid!

An accident I witnessed a few days ago prompted me to write this piece. Two brothers aged 15 and 18, were walking their bakras; while the older one managed to control his animal, ... Continue Reading →

Lean On Lamb – Nutritional Facts

Bakra Eid is never quite complete without tantalising meat recipes for get-togethers and barbeque nights. Among the dishes that are served, lamb is a firm favourite, with its succulent, ... Continue Reading →