Investing In Saudi Arabia For Pakistanis

Investment in property in Saudi Arabia by Pakistanis has increased by an estimated 25% over the last three years. This is primarily due to the fact that property (commercial or ... Continue Reading →

Career Changer – Workplace Sanity 

Dear Workplace Sanity, I am a ‘career changer’ – from a purely technical field to a finance related one. I graduated in computer science, then did a technical ... Continue Reading →

Raising A ‘Smart’ Generation – Technology 

Research conducted by the office of Educational Technology in Washington, DC over the course of the last three years has revealed that the use of learning-based software (which ... Continue Reading →

Evolving School Design

Over the years, the designs of school buildings in Pakistan has evolved to incorporate new elements and amenities in order to accommodate the use to technology as well as more effective ... Continue Reading →

School Bus Safety – Automobiles

A significant number of children go to school in buses, coasters and high-roofs, and their commute is serious cause for concern for their parents, especially in light of the fact ... Continue Reading →
Jumeirah Group

Jobs Openings in United Arab Emirates Jumeirah Group

Jumeirah Group is one of the leading luxury hotels chains of United Arab Emirates as it holds most famous hotels of Dubai which includes Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Madinat Jumeirah, ... Continue Reading →