Clifton Township, Rawalpindi & Phase II Extension, DHA, Karachi

Clifton Township, Rawalpindi. Overview: Clifton Township is a midrange residential area which was established in the late 1980s. Approximately 30% is built-up; property is in moderate ... Continue Reading →

Chinese Landscaping in Pakistan

With the property market as fickle as always, intriguing landscape designs, when tastefully executed, can make all the difference between attracting a potential buyer or tenant ... Continue Reading →

 Stairway To Inspiration – Dare to Dream

Conventional wisdom has it that ‘other people’ are responsible for inspiring and motivating us. These ‘other people’ are usually considered to be our leaders. ... Continue Reading →

The Rooftop Restaurant Trend in Karachi, Lahore & Other Cities

One of the major real estate trends to have emerged in Pakistan recently is that of rooftop restaurants, especially in the central and northern parts of the country. Therefore, ... Continue Reading →

Mad About Marsala – Information

Think Marsala, and you may also think spaghetti Bolognese. However, with Pantone naming it their 2015 Colour of the Year, Marsala – a red-kissed Terracotta shade- is set to ... Continue Reading →

Bullying Negative Impact On Students 

As a psychologist and student counselor, i have realized that ‘bullying’ is unfortunately extremely common in our society. Last week, a 13-year old suffering from ... Continue Reading →