Nishat Cinema for sale ad

Sale of Nishat Cinema, Karachi Rises Questions

Located on M.A Jinnah Road, Nishat Cinema was Pakistan’s first movie theatre, and despite facing competition from cinemas that were established later, including the nearby, ... Continue Reading →
Karachi University

Sexual Harassment Cases in Karachi University

Karachi: Another Sexual harassment case is occurred as it is very common in Karachi University due to which lots of students are becoming victim of it. According to the sources, ... Continue Reading →
Zardari anaugrated biggest filtered plant

Asia’s Biggest Water Filtration Plant in Sindh – Hope or illusion?

Asia’s biggest water filtration plant has been inaugurated by former president Asif Ali Zardari in Thar which aims to produce filtered water and electricity to more than 80 villages. ... Continue Reading →
man protest in front of car

Reasons Behind Unemployment in Pakistan

The foremost problem in Pakistan has been facing is unemployment. The ratio of unemployment is growing rapidly because lacking of sources although Pakistan has had natural resources ... Continue Reading →

Petroleum Prices & Inflation In Pakistan

Prices of petroleum products have once again been reduced and now prices have come to 2008 level. But the point is I am unable to find any price difference in daily usage things. ... Continue Reading →
inflation graph and coins

Inflation In Pakistan And Its Impact On Youth

Inflation has affected every one and every field in Pakistan. On the one hand inflation is increasing day by day, on the other hand life of Pakistani youth also has affected. The ... Continue Reading →