The Defense Technologies Of Pakistan

British government in sub continent created two partitions one is Pakistan & second is India in 1947. Pakistan was built after lot of sacrifices of Muslims of sub-continent.  ... Continue Reading →

Environmental projects in Pakistan

The chief secretary of Sindh environmental projects, Muhammad Siddiq Memon ordered to audit the six environmental projects. He told on Tuesday that between 2013 to 2014, 8 Million ... Continue Reading →
massage center room

Black Business Behind Massage Centers in Karachi

Pakistan has collapsed with different type of black business these days as another black business in running in the name of massage centers in the biggest city of Pakistan. Different ... Continue Reading →
Imran Khan

Why Imran Khan is called Master of U Turn?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s chief Imran Khan is known as Master of U turn due to his changing of political statements as he is used to take u turn on every issue. Imran Khan ... Continue Reading →

Legal Wine Shops in Residential Areas of Karachi

These days wine is being selling commonly in most of the residential areas of Karachi as many local wine shops have placed in several areas of Karachi where people are doing business ... Continue Reading →
najam sethi in Aapas ki baat show

Pakistani Talk Shows are Spreading Awareness or Confusion?

Pakistani talk shows which have become the soul of every private channel are playing an influential role in the media. Media is aiming to bring people with the highest level of ... Continue Reading →
Greenline Express Train

Reality of Greenline Express Train

Greenline Express Train which has recently inaugurated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in order to provide great services to the passengers of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi is not ... Continue Reading →

Results of Rangers’ Operations in Karachi

Rangers are very active these days in order to caught criminals and eliminate crimes from the country as they are doing operations in different parts of the country. Rangers who ... Continue Reading →