Lahore’s Upcoming Commercial Strip – Hali Road

Stretching for nearly to kilometres between the Main Market and the Gaddafi Stadium, Hali Road is quickly making its presence felt as an emerging commercial hotspots in Lahore, ... Continue Reading →

Block A, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society, Karachi & Sector H-18, University Town, Islamabad

Block A, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society, Karachi. Overview: Block A, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society (SMCHS), is a well established residential area. Several commercial ... Continue Reading →

Residential Property Bylaws In Islamabad

Demand for residential property in Islamabad has increased by nearly 15% in the last three years. Consequently , an increasing number of people are purchasing houses there and renovating ... Continue Reading →

Block 3, PECHS, Karachi 

Block 3, Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, (PECHS) is a well-established residential area Kashmir Road. It is completely built-up; property is in high demand. Property ... Continue Reading →

Renovations That Mothers Will Love in kitchen 

Although mothers are increasingly joining the workforce, for many of them, the kitchen remains their prized domain. Here are some renovations that can not only add pizzazz to your ... Continue Reading →

Khayaban Villas, Rawalpindi & WAPDA Town, Gujranwala

Khayaban Villas, Rawalpindi. Overview: Located at the outskirts of Rawalpindi, Khayaban Villas is a residential enclave that is currently under development. Sixty percent of the ... Continue Reading →

Kei Cars In Pakistan  Prices & Details 

Microcars- economy vehicles powered by engines of 800cc or less- first hit the roads in Pakistan almost a decade ago. However, it was only recently that demand for such cars has ... Continue Reading →

Lahore’s New Bustling Hub Gurumangat Road

Stretching for over four kilometres between College Road and the Jinnah Flyover, Gurumangat Road is one of Lahore’s busiest throughfares. Over the last decades , increasing ... Continue Reading →