Clarification Regarding Mir Shakil Rehman Marriage Posts

Mir Shakil RehmanFew days back AwamiPolitics posted two posts regarding Shaista Wahidi and Mir Shakil Ur Rehman Marriage. As author of that news wrote that news is rumor and there are false claims on social media regarding their marriage. The writer of both news “Dr Shaista Marriage” and “Doctor Shaista Lodhi  next marriage” didn’t claim that news is correct.


Rather than proving this news, writer reported that this is a rumor and unreliable.  The author who wrote that news also wrote that AwamiPolitics rejects Shaista Wahidi marriage rumors.

Not only had this but he further given positive opinion about Geo and Dr Shaista. He told in news that some people are trying to damage image of Geo Morning show host and Channel.

We just mentioned a picture which was spreading on Facebook. This image was uploaded on a Facebook page “Khabar ha Pakistan Ki” and here is image link. That page uploaded and share image on September 13, two days before we post that news. We know that these types of rumors not only damage image of personalities but also hurt them alot.

Here we want to say that SORRY if anyone was hurt from these posts especially Shaista Wahidi, Mir Shakil Ur Rehman and their relatives.


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One Response to “Clarification Regarding Mir Shakil Rehman Marriage Posts”

  1. Shahzad Ahmed

    Oct 13. 2012

    Well, are you sure it’s about bloggers considered less than journalists, or the powerful coming down on the weak? I don’t think so. If you’re speaking the truth and you have proofs to back it up then you can be any one, not even necessarily a blogger, and can write what you mean to. However, if you lack proofs to support your statements, then I’m sorry, you’re in hot waters, no matter who you are. Even a senior journalist can’t save himself from legal repercussions if he gives statement not substantiated by evidence. I think owners of Jang group took a very reasonable step towards dealing with it, that is through the court of law. If you feel you’re wronged in any way then instead to whining about it, it’s better you seek justice too, through court.

    On another note, if one wishes to and insist on publishing personal matters which shouldn’t ethically be a part of writing in the first place, then either one has a strong evidence to support it or one should be ready bear the brunt of one’s actions. Why whine about it anyways?

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