CM KPK Pervez Khattak Contact Number Details

Pervez-KhattakChief minister Pervez Khattak of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is among the senior parliamentarian and politicians of Pakistan who belong to an elite and influential family of the society. The acting minister of KPK has had enjoyed ministry powers since in the past. Presently he serves as the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while he is also the Central Secretary of Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Earlier he had been the minister of Industries and Labour twice while has functioned as the Irrigation minster of KPK too.


He has been elected as CM on May 13, 2013 by Imran Khan after PTI won over a clean sweep in the province by winning over 45 out of 99 seats. He is the first ever chief minister of PTI’s government in KPK. On May 31 he took oath as the acting CM and is the 16th CM of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Khattak began his political career with membership for the district council in 1983. He holds the record of being 5 times elected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.

The politician had earlier been affiliated to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) but due to differences with the past government had given up ministry and joined PPP. He hails from Nowshera and his candidate representation gave him a good win for the post of Central General Secretary against the influential Arif Alvi.

He is a Pathan, son of Hastam Khan. He is father of three sons and two daughters.

Following are the contact details of the CM KPK Pervaiz Khattak:

Office: + 92 91 9210346

Fax: + 92 91 9210050

Mobile: 0300 8583450

Phone Number
Email Address



38 Responses to “CM KPK Pervez Khattak Contact Number Details”

  1. Ghulam Siddique

    Apr 03. 2014

    I request you to please see our problems, these are as under:-
    1-Public transport conditions are very bad
    2-Roads are badly roughed
    3-Now proper drainage

    Hattar Industrial Estate

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  2. Inam Ulhaq Sadi

    Apr 21. 2014

    I am from Peshawar there is very problem in hospital like LRH Peshawar.

    there is very problem of security children and other people are Blackmaketeer from patient and their Scion.
    Cloths and other thing

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  3. Muhammad Amjed

    Apr 24. 2014

    salam sir,
    its honour for us to share our problem with our CM,i wana meet u and share sme important idea to you,because you are only hope of our youth.we r proude of u, plz if u have time to share usthen cnct my youth group,03135802989,my area all youth w8 of urs rply

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  4. Fardah Afzal

    May 11. 2014

    Salam sir!
    its honour for me to share my problem with u… respected sir i wanna meet u tomorrow urgently… u r the only hope for me… i need ur help sir. if u r free tomorrow then plz do contact me 03325995631… waiting for ur responce… hope so u will not disappoint me.

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  5. Fida khan Swabi

    May 26. 2014

    Assalam u alaikum Sir!
    Swabi k hospital aur wapda k khalat boht kharab hain,staff to bilkul koi b baat na sunti hain aur na koi baat tameez sy krty hain.2no makhkamo k khalat ghareeb awam k liy ik masala ban chuka hai.please sir aap kisi b waqt khalat ka jaiza lai kr ghareebon ki duain ly lain.
    With best wishes

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  6. Engr.Mian Iqbal Hassan

    Jul 09. 2014

    Dear Pervez Khattak,
    CM KPK Province.
    Ref your public statement regarding KalaBagh Dam realities.It is submitted as under with the hope that you will go through it and try to resolve the national issue on priority basis..
    Thanks, Regards.
    Mian Iqbal Hassan

    Chairman, Engineering, Environment, Finance and Energy Committees MCCI, Multan.
    Ex-President, BOM Industrial Estate, Multan. E.Mail:-


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  7. dr azhar

    Aug 14. 2014

    sir main doctor hn aur last year sy assistant professor k liay apply kia hy bt public servivc k through abi tk cal nai ai plez ap koch direction dain.

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  8. Aisha

    Aug 16. 2014

    Sir aj agr hamra leader ko ghar jana ho tu pls boht bera ghar hy humry leader ka or change bi humry leader ki waja sy ana hy main ais time tenqeed nhi hy bilk aik model paish ho jy ga sary azdi march ko raat bani gala ki dawat d phr dekhti hoon koon aap ki awam sy wabestgi ko wrong kehta hy agr nhi ye ho sakta tu pls in k sath hi rehy ye mera message pls khan sahb tuk poncha dya jy derna nhi bil k hum mehman nawz hain ok aj hum jeli loogoo sy najat maly

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  9. Mian Iqbal Hassan

    Aug 26. 2014

    Dear Mr.Pervez Khattak ,
    Chief Minister KPK province.
    I do hope this finds you in best of health and happiness.
    Ref your statement that if you are convinced regarding
    Construction of Kala Bagh dam, you will get approval from
    The KPK assembly. Please find here with an article on
    Kala Bagh Dam as under for your kind consideration with concrete solutions..
    Thanks, Regards.
    Mian Iqbal Hassan


    It is reality that Kalabagh Dam is necessary to fulfill national needs for more water to keep up with the growing population and industrial demands beside millions of acres of agricultural land. Pakistan is going to face severe food crises by 2025. Therefore to produce more food we need sufficient quantity of water and good management. Pakistan is presently facing low agricultural production and our per acre yield is quite low. As per UNO reports our water average is presently 1000 Cubic meter per head whereas UNO recommends 1500 Cubic Meters minimum. It is said that by 2025 our water is likely to reach at an alarming stage to a level of 750 cubic meters per head. It is to be noted that in 1950 it was 5000 Cubic Meters per head.
    Kalabagh Dam would also be a source of supply of additional water and cheap hydro-electric power. As per NEPRA orders @ (Rs 0.18 per unit in July 2012 and in August 2013 Rs; 0.25 per Unit.) to the whole nation. The large size dams on Indus river are life line to meet storage of water and power generation to overcome the energy crisis .It is also to be noted that THAR Coal to be taped for energy resources need huge quantity of sweet water, continuously for processing and steam generation. It is only possible by constructing large size Dams for regular supply. The annual outflow of water into the Arabian Sea can be used to irrigate infertile lands in southern areas of Punjab and northern areas of Sindh. For the prosperity of the country besides Kalabagh Dam, more large dams on the Indus, at Diamer,Bhasha Dasu , Bunji ,Satpara, Suki Kinari, Tangi, Kurram, dams etc; in northern areas of Pakistan has also been planned and should be built on priority bases. It is to be noted that these dams are located on the fault lines; therefore it has to be monitored with great care and need safety provisions from earth- quacks.
    Kalabagh is the most suitable and favorable engineering site as compared to all Indus river dams including Tarbella. Kalabagh project include construction of several irrigation canals to fulfill the growing demand for agriculture in Pakistan, and that it should be built first. Southern Punjab (called Seriaki areas) particularly Bahalwalpur and Bahawalnagar will get the water stored in Kalabagh Dam. In the early 1960s, Pakistan had agreed to a deal with India over the water of rivers. Three rivers Satlej ,Biyas and Ravi were given to India. Since then, the river Ravi, Satlej and Biyas are only used as flood release rivers. The one unit Pakistan government had given the rivers feeding water to south of Punjab and Bahawalpur to India. The water needs of this area had to be met mainly from Indus. The resident of this area should wakeup and should only vote to political party who will support to build Kalabagh Dam immediately. Now Pakistan has not built the dams and has also barren a large area of Punjab province by taking out three rivers. It is to be noted that WAPDA has been collecting Hydel surcharges from all consumers to provide cheap electricity since for the last 40 years and no new dam after Tarbella has been constructed so far. An enquiry should be held that, how much money has been collected in this account so far. It may be couple of thousands Billion Rs; by now. The Kalabagh Dam having 3600 MWs production capacity can minimize the energy crisis of Pakistan. Overall, it will help Pakistan to grow further and can produce 2400 MWs electricity in four years at the cost of 7.6 Billion $ and 3600 MWs energyin6years. It is said that Kalabagh Dam issue was first distorted by Mr; Ishaq Khan when he proposed General Ayub Khan to build Tarbella Dam first against the Kalabagh Dam because both of them belong the same area. I had a chance to personally ask Mr; Ishaq Khan than the president of Pakistan that it is a serious allegation against him that he advised for Tarbella dam instead of Kalabagh dam to president Gen; Ayub Khan. He said it is absolutely incorrect, He informed Gen; Ayub Khan President of Pakistan that the World Bank was only interested for financial assistance for one dam under Indus treaty, therefore we should go for Tarbela dam because it is a bigger dam than Kalabagh dam almost double in storage capacity and power production. More over Kalabagh dam is naturally accruing and we can construct this dam at our own at a very low cost. The initial work for design work was done and colony for staff constructed by spending Billions of Rs; investment.It is sorry that this technical matter has been politicized by our un-loyal people.INDIA has very well used it as a war weapon to stop construction of dams in Pakistan and has made huge investment in this area to bribe various influential people in Pakistan.
    It is to be noted that the height of Kalabagh dam when it is fully filled is 915 feet max; whereas the height of lower Nowshahra is 945 Ft and upper part is 970 Ft; Sawabi 1000 Ft; Pubbi 962 Ft; and Mardan 970 Ft from sea level. The max; level of water in dam would remain for 6 to 8 weeks a year during the days of floods. Therefore the people who say that Nowshahra will be under water after the construction of Kalabagh is absolutely incorrect. The majority of agricultural area in KPK is on higher level and the irrigation is by lifting water, which costs Rs.8000/- per Acre but after the construction of the dam this land will be irrigated by gravity and cost will be cut down to 500/- per Acre. About 8 Lacs of Acres more land will be irrigated in KPK. The KPK government will save hundreds of billions Rs; annually after the construction of dam. Moreover the affected area in KPK province due to Kalabagh dam is 11% and in Punjab 89%. It will not only add lacs of Acres of agricultural area in KPK but change the economic conditions of KPK residents. Punjab Government has also agreed not to claim any royalty on generation of resources from Kalabagh Dam to make the country rich and peaceful. Mr. Shamsul Mulk ex-chairman WAPDA, who is a seasoned civil engineer and an authority on construction of large size dams in Pakistan. He said in a TV interview on 7th Aug; 2013 that Pakistan is losing 180 Billion Rs; annually for non-construction of Kalabagh dam only because of hydel power. It is also to be noted that his own village is quite bellow Nowshahra and close to the bank of Indus river. If we account for the water storage in this dam the value of water and its economic gains effect would be 750 Billion Rs; annually.
    The people of SIND who says that if KBD is built they will get dry and converted to desert. It is absolutely incorrect. SIND was getting 36 MAF water before construction of Tarbella and Chashma water reservoirs, Sind after the construction of these reservoirs is getting about 43 MAF from river system. Similarly after the construction of KBD it will get 7 MAF additional water. It is to be noted that more than 30% storage of Tarbella dam has reduced by earth filling.
    Some people says that if 10 Million Acre Ft; water annually is not discharged in to the sea, the sea water will rush up to Kotri which is 43 Ft; high from sea level. Presently the fresh water goes in to the sea only during flood days or very small amount throughout the year and in some months no water goes in to sea particularly during Rabi dry season, which is very dangerous for the environment. There are engineering permanent solutions by constructing SEA WALL to provide barrier and allow river water to go in to the sea indirectly. A low head lake/ dam can be built resulting Million acres of agricultural fields in to underground sweet water by recharging fresh water in to the ground, in surrounding areas of the lake. It will also protect the national in heritage of mangroves and promote production of PULLA fish in that area in abundant quantities. It will enhance the economic conditions of their inhabitant. It is being manipulated by the regional feudal lords and politicians who are not interested to uplift the quality of life for the resident of this area. This issue has been politicized. It should be decided by the engineers of all four provinces and consciences should be made immediately on engineering aspects. Please keep in mind that it’s not only about producing electricity rather producing it cheap too. As per NEPRA last year and this FY reports the Hydel generation cost is only 0.18 to o.25 Rs per (KWH)/unit. AlthoughThar coal can fulfill our energy requirements (ignoring pollution & other factors), it will take at least a decade to utilize it effectively considering no delays. Moreover we need huge quantity of sweet water to produce electricity from coal for generation of steam and utility water. This time line is based on good law & order situation in the areas & nonstop funding. On the other hand if we start Kalagagh dam & Thar coal, we can see improvement in three to four years. Water shortage is also a serious problem for people of Pakistan. Karachi has to face serious problem regarding increasing demand of municipal and industrial utilization of water and also an increase of drastic water charges. It is an eye opening for Karachi, A golden era Dam for Pakistan for centuries.
    The other factor that makes Kalabagh a proposition better than Bhasha is the volume of annual river flow. It is told that the river flow is much less in Bhasha than Kalabagh. The flow travelling down ward in case of Kalabagh is 90 million acre feet, while in case of Bhasha it is only 50 million acre feet. The availability of water for irrigation and power generation is related to the total annual flow of the stream. Other negative features of the Bhasha happen to be the construction and maintenance of high voltage transmission lines. These will run from the generation point to the load center. The cost of the undertaking will be excessively high. Another discouraging feature of the Bhasha project concerns the height of the proposed dam and its comparison with Kalabagh. The Bhasha Dam with concrete embankment would be 893 feet high, while KBD with earth-filled embankment would be only 260 feet above the river bed. The cost of building a concrete dam as high as Bhasha will cost many times more than Kalabagh Dam. A poor country like Pakistan cannot afford to build dams as expensive as Bhasha, particularly when cheaper options are available. Secondly all dams constructed up stream would take 9 to 10 years to provide power in the system. Yes if we have surplus money we can go for that. We would like to conclude with observation that the staggering cost of building Bhasha Dam does not yield the proportional results. Its estimated cost of 15 to 16 billion U S $ and to creates a live storage of 6.4 million acre feet, which is slightly higher than Kalabagh dam with live storage of 6.1 million acre feet. The estimated cost of Kalabagh Dam is half of the cost of Bhasha Dam. It is to be noted that the transmission lines from all up country dams from KBD are not only difficult but most expensive. If these projects on Indus river are not taken in hand on war footing than in next 20 years the lush green fields of Punjab and Sindh would turn in to,desert. Save the people of our brothers SIND, PUNJAB & KPK provinces from floods, this causes heavy damages to the life and property in hundreds of billion Rs . Please rise voice for making dams in PAKISTAN, store the water and save our people. Start making dams in PUNJAB, and other provinces, make “KALABAGH” dam FIRST” and remain in progress for making DAMS for prosperity of the Country. If the people do not like the name of Kalabagh, It may be changed to Amam Hussain (GPBUH)/ Jinnah/ Fatima/ Bhutto/ Be-Nazeer/ Bacha Khan etc; etc, BRING light in the country and minimize its Darkness. It is to be noted that the immigrants are sending huge amount in foreign exchange every year. This year it is expected over 15 Billion U.S Dollars. This amount should be utilized for construction of dams and should not be made the part of deficit budget. Our import bill has increased to over 45 Billion US $ against exports of 24.5 Billion $ .The import bill should be minimized and restricted to import of raw materials, machinery, life saving drugs and highly essential goods. The Imported finished goods should be minimized and controlled by tariff based system (TBS) without any consideration of WTO which does not prohibit us from applying high tariffs to protect our indigenous industries. It also allows us to apply anti-dumping duties to any limit in case of under-invoicing and flooding our markets by producing economies. It is chartered responsibility of Senate, National and Provincial assemblies to take immediate action in this matter. It is also to be noted that a minority of people are against the construction of KBD. Therefore it is suggested that a referendum may kindly be held on national level to clear this national issue amicably.

    Chairman, Engineering, Environment, Finance and Energy Committees MCCI, Multan.
    Ex-President, BOM Industrial Estate, Multan. E.Mail:-


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  10. Zubair Khan

    Sep 25. 2014

    Respected CM

    I have Passed B.A from Peshawar University, & I have done some computer courses from recognized institutes.My father is poor & single earner of our family.I have applied in LRH hospital for two posts. one of Record Keeper & the other is Key punch operator. Therefore I request you to CM sab. to select me in one post of LRH hospital. I shall be very thankful to you.
    Cell No. 0313-9856440

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  11. raja zoaq akhtar

    Sep 30. 2014

    my name is raja zoaq akhtar
    I m senior vice president of tahreek insaf tahceel mansehra
    sir last time a meeting was held in cm house.sir I have put to my arria probloum for yr consideration. y have ordered on the spot to the related district heads of department ‘but sir my probloums r on the same place.
    their for I request y please solve my public problems.

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  12. sdf

    Oct 13. 2014

    Dear sir!I want to draw your attention towards some serious issues,I am not able to disclose it through official site.infact I tried to get peshawar Dsp num .its a matter of security in peshawar.

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  13. Riaz khan

    Oct 23. 2014

    Dear sir,mara zameen k intaqal ka masla hai patwari nai 100000 roapai lia hai zabardasti or intiqal nahi kia hai 28 kinal zameen hai jis mai sirf 114 kinal ka intiqal kia hai kindly sir ap madad kar k mashkoor farmai.

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  14. Riaz khan

    Oct 23. 2014

    sorry sir 14 kinal ka intiqal kia hai 28 kinal total zameen hai

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    Nov 16. 2014

    Dear Mr. Pervaiz Khattak,

    I would like to draw your kind attention to the poor infrastructure of industrial estate, gadoon amazai, swabi.

    More than 50% of the industries are closed since long due to non-availability of necessary infrastructure and roads in the estate and if the problem remains for a short period the industries of this region will shifted to other countries or regions. you are requested to please take necessary action at your earliest.


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  16. sanjid

    Nov 19. 2014

    i want to meet you in person. As i am your supporter and voter but it is 2 years since i am not allowed to see youy in person.
    i will be very happy if you give me few seconds of your valuable time.

    yours supporter,
    Mian Sanjid Shah
    Pabbi, moh, Mian khael disst, Nowshera. Mob. 0315 8009440

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  17. khalid

    Dec 22. 2014

    sir in tehsil ghazi village khalo an operation was being executed by AC ghazi on 20th of nove against the enchrochment in khalo soka and he was attacked by the encrocher under the supervision of ghazi police and the operation was pospond till today 22nd of dec is this wot u calll the rule of law is this justice pls call me 03139412721 lets slap togather the corrupt officers

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  18. Abbas Ali

    Dec 29. 2014

    Sir my Name is Abbas Ali.
    I hope you will be fine and filling well.
    My problem is that I was stick NADRA ID card.
    Some one block my ID Card in last two years ago.
    I’m Medical student and i want to continue my study and Australia but i can’t go because my ID Card is Block. Please help us


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  19. Fazali Rabby

    Jan 12. 2015

    Respected sir
    I really need urs help I m in USA from jan 14 2014.
    I move here in very bad condition.on 12 dec 2013 four deceits Robery at my house put pistol in my only son mouth and take every thing which I have at that time at my house.kpk police arrest these Robers on next day and u will be surprise like me that these robers are my relatives and Kpk police aliet force soldiers.And my bad luck starts from there when they arrested they started harrasing me and my family because of threats I move my children’s and family to mkd agency in my relative house and from there I move to USA bacz I already got my immigrant visas in November.But the robbers continuously threat my relatives and my patner for finishing the charges from them as a jirga (Roogha)at last I fulfill there wish and do Roagha and they free from jail but now they make a big problem for me put some big problems for me
    PlZ sir I listen from many people that u give justice to all plZ help me to email me urs personal no on which I can talk to u and tell what thay do with me now and what they illegally demand from me plZ for for Sake of Allah help me

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  20. Rifaq Ahmad

    Jan 12. 2015

    Honorable Chief Minister of KPK.
    respected Sir,
    I served during 2007 to 2009 in the Chief Minister Secretariat as Computer Operator in the Press Section, Later on the ANP Govt disposed me by force from my job. I visit many times and also parcel my documents to your office but I got No reply.Please order me to recall on my job. I will be thankful to you for this kindness.
    Rifaq Ahmad
    Nowshera (Amankot)

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  21. fazal rabi

    Jan 28. 2015

    salam sir,

    mera talluq swat say hay may aaj apko batana chata ho kay hamary swat kay log PTI say buhut naraz hay pti walo nay hamary zilla may kuch be nahe kia log pay dar pay amer muqam kay sath shamel ho rahy hay jo pti walo kay ley nuqsan hay sarko ka halath kharab our bejli belkul na kay barabar hay koi taraqi wala kam ab tak nahe hua please es per gawar kary,

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  22. Qazi Usama

    Mar 23. 2015

    Asalam u Alikum

    Respected CM
    i belong to Distt Haripur . i have alot of of problems there if u rply then i tel you ..otherwise don’t like to waste ur time ? thanks

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  23. Nadeem abbas

    Mar 28. 2015

    Salam sir I am Bs hons in pathology and I got 2nd posation in the whol pravance now I am at homw and no job for me because I belong to poor family and thwre is no Mpa or MNA is my relative please help me and give me job for my beat fucture my contact no 03454490064

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  24. zia ur rehman

    Apr 30. 2015

    dear sir,
    I requested you to visit the karak and solve the problems.and also noted that pti become weaker du to malik qasim,MNA nasir khan and other currupt people.

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  25. Adnan Khan Panialve

    May 01. 2015

    Dear Sir,
    janab ma civil secretariat ma as a stenographer kam krta ho sports & tourism departmant ma. Sir ma aik muhibewatan pakistani hon aur her nawjawan ki tara imran khan ki ideology ko pasand krta hon aur us k merit ki baton ko bht pasand krta hon qk mjy khud public servic comision k through merit pay job mili hi. Sir ma khoon k anso rota hon jb apnay department ma coruption ko dekta hon sir plz kuch kejia is mulk aur is k garib awam k peso ko ayashion per kharch honay say bachaia.
    Sir ager ap is k baray ma personaly kuch krna chahen to hum apko her kism ki support denay k lia tayar aur ager manisters ya mashiro ya comition k zria krtay ho to plz leave it
    with best regards.
    Adnan khan

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  26. Abdur Rahman

    May 08. 2015

    assalamo alaikum me orakzai ajency sy taluq rakta hon mera masla ye hai k orakzai ajency me ek qom ha jes ka naam hai stori khel ye jaga army ny kaie saalon sy band keya hai abhe na tu wahan dashatgard hai na our koie khatra our army walen hamy nahe churty hai wahan per .mera ap ko ye request hai k mera ye masla zaror hal karen.
    mera contact number.

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  27. arman ali

    May 11. 2015

    With respect
    i have send registtery 6th months ago in wrriten a application copy to CM KPK ,minister education ,to secretry education, for primery girls school in village sufaid sang ,and i m offering free of cost my land for that purpose ,
    but sir till to update no reply to me from your,s side,
    i m waiting for your,s good reply ,
    contact /ARMAN ALI SUFAID SANG /03319141511
    date 11/5/2015

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  28. ilyas

    May 19. 2015

    CM saheb please resolve the basic and fore more problem of load shedding in KPK. youa re still fail in this matter> due to which the business position in KPK is becoming worse and people shifting to Punjab. The people of KPK gave you vote for this> but very sad that you are doing other less necessary> now again load shedding becoem more worse> i belong to mardan

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  29. Arbab jehangir

    Jun 03. 2015

    Dear sir parvez ktk,
    My name is Arbab jehangir, from karak, village palosa sar
    I really thank you sir and imran khan the afford you doing in KPK , I can’t believe is going very well,

    Shortly we have one (very big) problem regarding our own family from last 70 i was not born, years ago is happening. My 3 uncle include my father always fighting for the land even they cannot divide the land from his (grand-grandfather) always fighting with guns.. which i hate
    That’s why I was 21 year old run away from house last 4-year I cannot see my lovely Father & Mother face, brother and sister

    and also I don’t know my (grand & grandfather who kills) is belong to us, when we are in home father not allowing us to go outside without a big Gun, which we don’t want

    I am 25 year young labor in Bahrain my income is not enough to do something for my family without food, (Please do something sir will be very thanks full to you and New KPK) Pakistan

    please email back or my contact no is 00973-33341989, Bahrain my small brother (03369121718) m-shahzaib in pakistan


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  30. Fawad ali

    Jun 28. 2015

    Dear CM sb hamara taluq charsadda se hai. our peshawar state life building mai United Bank Ltd RHQ mai tea boy ke post par kam karta ho or peshawar mai at least total 48 branch’es hai. our aap sahiban ki team se aik banda b aya ta. Jo hamare sallery ke bare mai humare officer’s se bat kar choke hai. magar oska b 1 year pora hone wala hai. or ab tak hum logo ki sallery zyada nhi howi. aap sahiban mehrobani karke government ki policy ke mutabiq humare sallery mai izafa kare kindly sir.
    Fawad ali
    Mob . 03139447198

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  31. Mr.Javedulhq

    Jul 07. 2015

    Honourable Sir, I am PTI worker,having poor family background.I have spent all my life career in social sector development since 1999 uptill.I have worked and performed in many INGOs and local developmental or community driven projects in many parts of KPK.
    At the moment i am jobless having no opportunity to avail as well as i am supporting a large family,but “home” which is killing me.
    As you know that a mega project “CDLD Malakand is in pipeline with government department P&DD peshawar/malakand with the collaboration off Europion Union in the matter.
    It is to say that i am not bagging for reference,but to bring into your kind notice that i am the local of this area and performed sevral duties in the community development /socail sector development in the whole of Malakand division.
    in view of above all you are hereby requested to consider this little statement in my future endevers please.

    cell: 03459514517

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  32. Fawad ali

    Jul 14. 2015

    Dear sir,
    Mai to one year se apko har Tarah ke complaints krne laga ho. Mobile pe,TCS, pe,sms pe. Ye kaisi tabdeli ayi hai sir gharebo ka koie fikar nhi hai sir sirf ameer logo ko har sago saholat mojod hai hum logo ka koie parwah nhi apko. Hum ne be PTI ko vout dia howa hai hum be insaf chahte hai na. Before 6 year se mai 7500 sallery pe kam karte hai aj tak hum logo ka q kuch nhi howa 40 bande hai hum or peshawar to apka ghar jaisa jaga hai. Ismay hum logo ka ye hal hai kindly hum gharebo ka b kuch kare.
    address:state life building 34 the mall peshawar cantt. United Bank Ltd RHQ.

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  33. Hafeez ur Rahman

    Aug 08. 2015

    ايک بيوه غريب خاتون كي دل والے لوگوں سے فرياد كه اس اپيل كووزيراعلي خيبر پختونخوا تک پہنچائے
    میرے پیارے محسن انسان بهائي وزيراعلي خيبر پختونخوا میرا یه اپیل هے که ميرے شوهر اوربيٹے كو عيد الأضحي كے دن مارا گيا هیں جرم صرف يه تها كه انهوں نے 4 ساله بيٹي كو ناجائز جهالت كي رسم سوره میں دينے سے انكار كيا تها جس پر جر گه ممبران ناراض هو كر ميرا بيٹا اور شوهركو مارديا اور بعد میں پوليس كيساتهـ مل كر مجهے 15 بچوں سميت علاقه سے زبر دستي نكال ديا اب ميں ايک بيوه اور مفلوس خاتون پشاور ميں تين سالوں سے خط غربت سے نيچے زندگي گزارنے پر مجبورهوں نه اپنا كوئي گهر هے اور نه بچوں كا تعليم برائے مهرباني آپكے باري ميں كسي نے بتايا تها كه يه غريبوں كي مدد كرتے هيں تو ميري يه عرض قبول فرمائے اور ميري مدد فرمائے ميں ايک بيوه ضعيف العمر مسكين خاتون اور 15 يتيم بچے هميشه آپ كيلئے دعا دينگے الله تعالی آپ كو هر ميدان ميں سر خرو كريں بهت شكريه صدر زرداري اور نواز شريف نے بهي بيت المال كو مدد كرنے كا حكم ديا تها ليكن بيت المال نے كوئي مدد نهيں كيا برائے رابطه 03333152640 ___ Email :

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  34. zain ul abibideen

    Aug 11. 2015

    Salam,my honerable C.M sahib,I studied a lot but I’ve not certificates that much,however I can run every every department according to my education.You can examine me therefore I request u for enterence anywhere and don’t care of pay I am ready for 10thousand because of two things,
    1.want to get continue my education. help my father because of his oldness.

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  35. nayyar zaidi

    Aug 20. 2015

    I was appointed as SS in GGHSS Paroa on contract basis for period of six months. I performed my duties honestly. After completion of this contract we for renewal of the contract for six months more. Again I served there honestly and showed scene per cent result. In June this contract expired and in September I again signed another contract for period of 1 year but unluckily was unable to go to serve bcoz in august 2008 my husband got injured severely in blast at DHQ hospital dikhan. All my colleagues are now confirmed but its my bad luck if that incident did not appear now I will have my job. On humanitarian basis I request u to plz reappoint me from the back dates I promise I will not ask for arrears bcz I HV not served but I m mother of 5 girls and I need this job for a secure and bright future of my dtrs. In previous govt so many touts of that govt taken money from me and askd for reappointment but all went in hell don’t know where they went. I m master of maths with enough experience. Please its a request of needy mother to help me and issue me my order as if it would not happened that incident I had my job. Also no credit of my previous job period .


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  36. sajjad ahmad

    Aug 21. 2015

    salam sir i sajjad ahmad from peshawar …. my father was a commercial asistant in wapda department and retired in 2003 on medical …… since than im trying to get job on his designation but yet invain ….. kindly help me ….. 03459128002

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  37. mahboob Khan

    Aug 22. 2015

    sir. l am the topper of bsc annual exam 2015 of university of swat my father has been since I was three I have no brother & more over I am married &got two children until I have supported my family and afforded my education expenses by teaching at private schools &home tuition but higher education is now out of my power I request the minister to investigate whether I am eligible or not for govt scholarships (need based &merit based )

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  38. mahboob Khan

    Aug 22. 2015

    mahboob Khan
    shahpur tehsil alpurai distance shangla

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