Cow & Bakra Rates (Price) In Karachi Mandi

Karachi: As every year people are once again excited about Bakra Eid and within few days people will buy sacrificial animals for Bakra Eid. Some people have started to visit Gaye Mandi located at Super Highway. However till now people who have visited Gaye Mandi have said that prices of cows and buffaloes are skyrocketing till now.
If we see that what are rates of cow, goat (bakra) at different places:

Alamgir Welfare Trust:

  • Goat (Male, Bakra): Rs. 9200
  • Goat (Female, Bakri): Rs. 9200
  • Cow Share: Rs. 6900

Saylani Welfare Trust

  • Goat: Rs. 7000
  • Cow Share: Rs. 6500

Meat One:

  • Goat: Rs.19200/- for regular customers and Rs.17500/- for our privilege card holders
  • Cow Share: Rs.13000/- for regular customers and Rs.11900/- for privilege card holders
  • Whole Cow: Rs.85000/- for regular customers and Rs.80000/- for privilege card holders

However it is expected that prices of cows, buffaloes and goat will come down in the coming days and average cow will be available from Rs. 40000-45000 and average goat (bakra) will be available from Rs. 8000-9000. Last year there were reports that sacrificial animals prices were very much high but in the end prices were manageable.

Cow Price Bakra Price
Rs. 30000 (Small Cow) Rs. 11000 (Small Bakra)
Rs. 45000-60000 (Average Cow) Rs. 15000 (Avergae (Bakra)
Rs. 70000+95000 (Good Cow) Rs. 18000 (Good Bakra)
Rs. 12000 (Awesome Cow) Rs. 22000 (Awesome Bakra)


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