Determinants Of Pakistan Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of a country is designed keeping the following in view:

1. The foreign policy should render the guarantee of the country’s security.

2. The foreign policy should be made as such so that a country should emerge as the leader for other countries.

3. The foreign policy of a country should be in confirmation of the basic believes & ideology of the country. For instance, foreign policy of Pakistan can’t be drawn against the basic principles of Islam, Quran & Sunnah.

4. The foreign policy should be set in a manner so that it could guarantee the economic and political supremacy.

5. No foreign policy should be designed against the country’s interests.

6. The interests of the masses of the country should be kept in view at the time of making the foreign policy.

7. Diplomacy is the key factor of foreign policy.


    1. Saleem Yousaf

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