Double Parking in Karachi – Educated People Behind This?

Recently someone blocked my car (double parked ) at the mall. After waiting for a good 15 minutes asking here and there a guy showed up (from appearance seems to be educated). I told him that he could have parked properly as it is not good to block someone and he was like I didn’t took that long.

I said you are arguing on wrong parking without being apologetic. He said apology for what I didn’t do anything wrong; Seriously!! I m speechless and then we blame here and there. Basically it’s people who are behind all this traffic mess situation of Karachi.

By Danish Khan

People commented: Everyone has same mindset around the world and only strict laws controls masses and unfortunately we have no such implementations other than VIP movements. If you remove strict laws on the roads of Dubai, you will sure witness shortly of the worst situation there the world would ever face.

The above comments were made on Facebook group.