Dr Hamida Khuhro & Manzoor Panhwar Will Strengthen PML-N In Sindh

Karachi: Few days back Educationist and historian Dr Hamida Khuhro, along with her brother former MPA Masood Khuhro, announced to join the PML-N. Joining of the known personalities into the PML N has increased the reputation of the respective part from what it had been in the past. However, we as being the politicians would not let PML N to gain success in the elections said the MNA Khursheed Shah. Khursheed Shah-photo

These were the words spoke by the MNA and former minister for religious affairs Khursheed Shah while talking to the journalists at an iftar party organized yesterday by the traders Huzoor Bakhsh in a local hotel.

In a press statement released by the MQM chairperson Altaf Hussein, Khursheed shah said that merit should be observed through out the country, no single party is responsible to make it done. When asked about the exchange of hot words between the Sharif brothers and the PPP Chairperson Asif  Zardari, the MNA said that in politics happening of such events is usual. We look forward to good relations with Sharif Brothers in the elections.

When asked about the decision of electing Fakhruddin G Ebrahim as CEC he said that it had been the collective decision of the party to designate him the post as per the merit.  Khursheed Shah said that elections would be held next year without any delay, while slamming the rumors.