Dua In Tableeghi Ijtima Karachi 2011 Was Led By Haji Abdul Wahab

A large number of people attended the Tableeghi Ijtima in Orangi Town, Karachi. Thousands of people were present in Dua.

Haji Abdul Wahhab was present in Tableeghi Ijtima and he led the final prayers (Dua).

In Dua of Haji Abdul Wahab Pakistan was also focused and for the betterment of Pakistan and Pakistani people dua was held. Haji Abdul Wahab real name Rao Muhammad Abdulwahab (also known as Haji Muhammad Abdulwahab) was born in 1923 in Delhi, India. Haji Abdul Wahab is ‘Ameer’ of the Pakistani chapter of Tablighi Jamaat.

Haji Abdul Wahab was declared the fifteenth most influential Muslim in the world in a report by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Jordan.