Electricity & Gas Load Shedding In Sindh

The citizen of Sukkur is facing severe gas and electricity load shedding. That’s why they are living miserable life. There are many places which are facing severe load shedding in Sindh.


According to the report cold weather and fog covered Sukkur and adjacent areas. Owing to which winter season clothing items and tea shops businessmen enjoying more customer and profit. But people are facing gas and load shedding. Especially gas is much needed in winter season than electricity.

Tando Muhammad Khan

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) management announced load shedding up to 12 hours. But they are doing unannounced load shedding also.

While Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) provide gas only 4 hours in night and remaining 20 hours providing very low pressure to residence and commercial sector.


The Kotri residence is passing their life on low pressure gas. In many places like Kamesri Bagh, Railway Colony, Godhara Mohala, Shahzari Goth and other adjacent areas facing long hour gas and electric load shedding and it is increasing day by day. That’s why public is purchasing expensive wood from market and making food on it.


Unannounced load shedding has made the life of people miserable and badly affecting the domestic and industrial consumers. Owing to which they have suffered huge losses and are unable to run their businesses in morning and evening hours.

Sindh and Federal Government has totally failed to solve the energy crisis. When PML-N took the charge theyu claimed that they will end we load shedding within 9 months. They have forced to people to live without gas and electricity. Government bad policies and actions have moved country in crisis.

Sindh government should realize public is facing lot of problems. They are not providing any types of facilities and relief to their public and voters. They are not making any plan for the betterment of Sindh i.e. energy, gas, water, security and development.

By Talha Pasha