Express TV & Celebrities During Ramazan Transmission

Express Entertainment has conveyed the following g message in the advertisement published in newspaper.

“The Excitement And Speciality Of Ramazan Is In Our Mehman – Ramazan Ki Shaan

We will bring to you, into your homes, your favourite celebrities for a memorable Iftaar, send them your most heartfelt invitation so that they may join you and your family this Ramazan.

To send your invitation Type MKR <space> Your Name, Message, City and send it to 247. If your invitation touches our celebrities’ heart, then they will join you for Iftaar.”

However according to the advertisement of Express Entertainment in Express and Tribune newspaper shows that Shahid Afridi, Saud, Javeria, Badar Khalil, Nouman Ejaz, Adnan Siddiqui, Aijaz Aslam will be part of Express TV network in the transmission during Ramazan.

express tv ramazan