Girls Sexually Harassed in PTI 23 March Jalsa?

girls in pti 23rd march jalsaLahore: Pakistan Tehreek Insaf gathered thousands of people in Minar e Pakistan on 23rd March. This was one of massive PTI’s gatherings in last 2 years. Other than Good sides of this Jalsa, some shocking facts have been revealed by a leading English newspaper of Pakistan. According to author, she noted numbers of girls’ harassment cases in gathering. On this massive Public gather, not only men but women were also part of it.


How It Started?

Girls Sexually harassment cases were recorded in some parts of Jalsa, especially in corners. According to media reports, it was well organized gathering and women were fully protected. As it was mix gathering so volunteers were looking eye on suspicious people. The newspaper report claimed that situation for women went badly as rain started. The heavy rain made cloths of many women semitransparent. Some women lost from their families due to heavy rush. During all this, some culprits started trespassed.

A Special Message for PTI fans: My following news is not base on bias facts. I just reported a news so keep calm before commenting.

Some men were intentionally started swept, grabbing and touching women. This awful situation in this revolutionary gathering created panic in some parts of ground. Some women tried to escaped from location and other approached police.

Due to less lighting, rain and no communication, police couldn’t do much for these affected girls. Many girls were crying on spot while boys were laughing, newspaper reported.

These women were come in Jalsa to Support PTI but they disappointed from wrong doings of some men. These types of activities can ruin PTI credibility, a critic said. On other hand, another person said that this was happened on small scale and only few such cases were noted. Media is trying to defame PTI by doing these cheap tactics, PTI supporter said.

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  1. Ali Raza

    Mar 26. 2013

    this should not be tolerated but to change this thing we have to do by correcting our own selves we men are responsible for this situation so we should keep our minds clear and be in our limit
    real man is not that who can harass,abuse or beat women, but that who can give them respect honour and protection

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  2. Maria

    Mar 26. 2013

    Would you like to give reference please? Link to those newspapers at least?
    Because i was there, and i did not heard/felt any thing like that..
    Please provide us with references.

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    • Sajida

      Mar 27. 2013

      Yes i also heard this, yesterday i read same news in Tribune newspaper and i felt sorry for those girls..
      Baqi hamari awam ka haal sab ko pata hy, larkiyan aisi t shirt phen kar jain gi to larky bhi attract hon gy…

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    • waheed

      Mar 27. 2013

      dear here islam not give pemition to gethering people .how she not his famialy member.

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    • bakht

      Jul 18. 2013

      what will u do if u got prove, will u leave pti?

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    • farhan

      Sep 01. 2014

      i hv video clip …. innocent lady its always happen behind the door or off the screen at least…………so hw could u able to see or feel ?????

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  3. Die-hard PTI Female Supporter

    Mar 27. 2013

    I fully support this blog report and was disgusted to read the comments of men below her post on Express Tribune. I am a diehard PTI supporter and will vote for those among the PTI candidates who are competent and have integrity. On 23rd March, I attended the jalsa because we were given the impression that like the October 2011 jalsa, there would be separate seating and arrangements for women and families; we expected PTI jalsas to have a “family atmosphere” and that is the ONLY reason we agreed to attend.

    BUT what people need to know is that after the Feb-March intra-party elections, control and management of PTI Lahore activities has been transferred from Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed (of the PTI Nazryati Group of old PTI workers) to Aleem Khan (formerly of the PML-Q and his team of Q-league politicians). The October 2011 Jalsa was organized by Rasheed; security was provided by the Insaf Students Federation (ISF) — they escorted women into and out of gates by forming chains of male volunteers who protected women, they checked people’s bags at the gates, they “guaranteed” the separate family enclosure by forming a fence around it so that men could not trespass.

    But the 23rd March jalsa was organized by the new President PTI Lahore, Aleem Khan (minister of PML-Q under Mush, Pervaiz Elahi’s IT minister). He appointed his brother-in-law Faraz Chaudhry as the head of security for the jalsa (also from PML-Q, served as Gulberg Town Nazim under Mush due to recommendation of Aleem Khan). Chaudhry then appointed another PTI worker, who has a horrible reputation for incompetence, as the chief of security for the jalsa. They excluded ISF from all security arrangements for this 23rd event. THIS was the PTI sub-group responsible for managing the event, for choosing the security team, and for overseeing their work.

    What people have to understand is that if women are complaining, they are not fabricating these stories. I was among the women who were attacked by a mob of men outside the gate. This happened because the above PTI organizers did not deploy ANY police/workers at the gates, they could not maintain the family/women’s enclosure as a separate area, and they did not warn women in advance so they could have stayed away from the event. If any of us had known that we’d be thrown into a sea of men, in an awaami jalsa, we would have NEVER have gone or invited other women.

    Look at Sharif’s jalsa in Mardan. Not one woman there. The October 2011 PTI jalsa allowed women to attend because Mehmood-ur-Rasheed team and ISF went OUT OF THEIR WAY to guarantee security, keeping in mind the social norms in Pakistan.

    Gender segregation is breaking down among the middle class in schools, offices, etc. But the vast majority of lower class men do not have access to women, and if they can form a mob, with the benefit of complete anonymity in the dark, and no security presence, they WILL take advantange of this and DID on 23rd March.

    Now, the men who deny this happened, let me tell you this: for those of us it happened to,

    (1) our families have strictly instructed us not to discuss this in front of men because (a) it will damage our own reputation (b) men will not side with us, they will instead derive a perverse pleasure out of it. So we are silent and are only taking our complaints to women.

    (2) mobs of men did this because it was dark. We could not see their faces or identify who was doing what. Mob mentality sets in when there are large numbers, an excited crowd, and anonymity. All three elements were present at the end of the 23rd jalsa, allowing attacks on women to happen. Many men do not know this happened because you could not tell what was happening to one woman trapped in a mob of 40 men, encircling her on all sides. And because the woman will never tell them out of shame.

    BUT IT WAS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PTI LAHORE DISTRICT TEAM TO PREVENT THIS BY PROVIDING SECURITY. If PTI supporters complain to PTI top leaders about the non-performance and negligence by certain city teams, they are not being disloyal to PTI. They are not fabricating charges to help other parties. They are trying to make PTI a better party by keeping it true to its principles, by making it take disciplinary action against those PTI officials who are negligent, who endanger women, who we cannot trust to be Pakistan’s future leaders.

    HALF of our population consists of women. Most PTI supporters are women or youth. As a die-hard PTI supporter, I fully support the demand of this blogger that PTI step up in support of women. Stop attacking her, and those men who are, consider just for a moment if this had happened to your mother or sister. It happened to women wearing hijabs, women with dopattas covering their heads – so you cannot blame it on them.

    MANY PTI MEN helped, and were decent, good men, but the rally had thousands of men from all walks of life, men who had just comed to ‘check out the scene’ from the surrounding old city neighborhoods. It is conceivable that other parties deliberately sent such men into a PTI jalsa to defame the party and that the PML-N Punjab police was delibearately withdrawn to create chaos. BUT regardless of who these men were, the PTI Lahore organizers WERE STILL responsible for deploying PTI security officials or volunteers at gates to control them, instead of giving them a free hand.

    I WILL VOTE PTI. BUT WE CAN ONLY MAKE PTI A BETTER PARTY IF WE OPENLY CRITICIZE SPECIFIC PTI OFFICIALS FOR THEIR MISTAKES AND BAD POLICIES so there can be accountability in the party and justice for us all, particularly for women and religious minorities, the weakest elements of our society.

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    • shazia malik

      Jul 06. 2013

      dera die-hard supporter!thanks a lot for presenting a v detailed and true picture of the problems face by Pti female supporters on the day of 23 march jalsa..and over all security laps which again we observed on 7th june when mr.chairman met a horrible incident due to same issues of mismanagement..hope we all will keep on raising our voice for the betterment in Pti and in Pakistan,and we must have to learn a lot from this kind of incidents,so it could be avoided in future,in sha Allah!

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  4. zubair

    Mar 27. 2013

    this kind of cheapness cant be tolerated…. but men and women should also know their limits too…

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  5. farman

    Jul 10. 2013

    there is no way in islam for mix gathering……becz the result will be like what those pti supporters faces…….for GOD sake act like a true muslim not like others.

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    Jul 11. 2013

    I really like her comments .Management of PTI were in those people who couldnt perceive the numbes turnout . Every one should learn from this .

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  7. aaysha

    Jul 12. 2013

    Actually we also faces such problem, These are from others parties and they are only dafaming party

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  8. Adnnan Mansur

    May 11. 2014

    I fully support the views of a ‘Diehard PTI Female Supporter’. I have made a few very practical suggestions to PTI’s reorganisation for its consolidation but unfortunately nobody is there to listen.

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  9. Hux

    Aug 21. 2014

    why always blame men? what are these shameless women doing on roads? dancing in front of men, is this what a women should do? and why should men respect them when they don’t respect themselves? Blame these women before saying anything about men…

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  10. Engin33r

    Aug 30. 2014

    I’ve read all the comments very ridiculously and critically. what I’ve made my understanding out of all this, is that the happening of harassment is portraying a true picture of our culture, our norms and our mentality. my dear die-hard has written that some so called ‘cheap’ and middle class men were engaged in such activities. I, no way believe this..!! rather-in contrast-the fact is that we , as a nation have the infectious germs of this low-profileness and cheapness dissolved in our bloodstreams. I have no hesitation in saying that even the PTI chairman Imran khan himself had a chance of availing the same ‘fertile’ situation, he never would let go the chance(sorry but don’t think me as an anti-PTI worker, I can use the name of Nawaz shareef in the place of IK)
    The harsh fact is that more than 90% of our men(a cautionous estimate) are capable of going thru the same lines very bravely and shamelessly under same circumstances.
    My last point will annoy much of our women:).
    Yes, itz a well known truth of our society that ‘ taali dono hatho se bajti hay’. so, why women need to attend such gatherings knowing all the facts about our public manners?? Is any 1 forcing them by gun to go out and be a victim of SEA of uncontrolled beasties crowd??
    If any one doubt the inviting and attractive behavior of girls in PTI gathering, he should google images of dancing girls in PTI rally.

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  11. Faheem03473280802

    Dec 04. 2014

    Sub k com parhy lakin jo Maria ny kaha wo sahe ha. Pry For All Muslam Grls And Boys.

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