Hassan Nisar Insists For Legal Prostitution Centers in Pakistan

Famous Columnist and Analyst Hassan Nisar in a television talk show gives his views and also demands that nude beaches should be made in the country. He also expressed his views as it is a need of human and that should be fulfilled. “People have desires and let them complete them openly there is no shame in it”, Hassan Nisar.

In a television talk show when the topic of bringing women and alcohol in parliament lodges was being disused Hassan Nisar expressed his views as government should allow nude beaches in Pakistan. He also said that give those people a legal way to satisfy their desires on places like beache

Hassan-Nisar“The reason I like west is that they allow people to do what they want, we are not able to achieve success because we privately do such things, so it should be openly done with no restrictions”, Hassan Nisar.

He also added that there are places where prostitution is going on in posh and other small area, so what’s bad in doing it openly. According to social media comments of Pakistanis people like Hassan Nisar are the only cause of destruction of Pakistan.

You can Watch Video Clip Here

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