High Prices Cows In Gaye Mandi, Karachi

Bakraeid is just round the corner but the prices of cows and buffaloes are skyrocketing in Gaye Mandi, Karachi. As people have started visiting Gaye Mandi but they are unable to buy the sacrificial animals. Till now only rich and upper class have bought the sacrificial animals.

Our reporter who went to Gaye Mandi located after Sohrab Goth has said that common and middle class people are only coming for adventure and not buying any sacrificial animals.It is expected that within a week prices of sacrificial animals will get down when thousand of more cows and buffaloes will enter the market.

Lasania Cattle, Shah Surmawala Cattle, Jamal Cattle, Quershi Cattle, Sheikh Cattle, Jawari Cattle are some famous camps which has high cost animals. It is to be noted that that till now famous cattle Dil Pasand has not installed its camp in Gaye Mandi.

Shah Surmawala Cattle Animals Photos:


Some other sacrificial animals at different cattle farms:







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