How Can I Become MPA or MNA In Pakistan?

I was thinking that what one has to do to become MPA or MNA in Pakistan. If any one wants to enter parliament then he/she should con test elections as independent candidate. But the biggest problem is that during the election campaign 5-10 million Rupees is required which is a very big mount for middle class or even upper middle class. It shows that ordinary person or common people can’t even think about entering in Provincial Assembly or National Assembly as a member.

The policy of MQM is good in this act as they bear the expense of MPA, MNA election campaign. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has also said that his party will follow MQM policy of bearing the expense of MPA, MNA election campaign.

This policy helps ordinary people in contesting elections. There have also been reports in media that those people who expend lot of money in election campaign are found in corruption when they are elected as MPA or MNA.

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