JUI Khalid Soomro Says Jews Made Fun Of Muslim Integrity

Karachi: JUI Sindh Secretary General and Former Senator Khalid Mehmood Soomro has said that Jews have tried to make fun of  Islamic belief  through the Anti-Islam based movie. He said that on 21 September after zuhr prayers protest rallies would be observed while Islam Zindabad Conference that would be held on 14 October would be a historic gathering in the history of Sindh.JUI Khalid Soomto-Image

The JUI leader expressed these views while addressing a meeting held at Jamia Anwaar Ul Uloom, Mehran Town Korangi. The meeting was organised through joined efforts of  Town Nazims and Chancellors.

Various participants addressed the meeting including Maulana Abdul Qayyum, Ameer Karachi Qari Muhammad Usman, Balochistan Minister of Health Ain Ullah Shams, Central Salar Engineer Abdur Razzaq Lakho, Minister Dr. J Prakash, Maulana Abdul Kareem and Muhammad Islam Ghouri.

Dr.Mehmood Khalid Soomro further spoke that makers of the unholy movie cannot escape from their ultimate punishment.

During the meeting he said that JUI would not tolerate the division of Sindh province at any cost and hence it had declined to accept local ordinance system.

On the occasion, Ameer Karachi Qari Muhammad Usman said that protest and rallies would be held outside the Jamia Banori Town while Karachi would attend the Islam Zindabad Conference making it a historic gathering.