Kashmala Tariq Video Scandal – Real Or Fake ?

There is buzz around on the internet especially on social media that PML-Q leader Kashmala Tariq video has been leaked. The video contains immoral content and many in Pakistan have demanded that Kashmala Tariq should be banned from doing politics and have asked that this type of female politicians should not be in the Parliament.


Kashmala Tariq who was born on 24th January, 1972 has remained in the controversies in past. Few months a controversy arose when a telephone sex call was leaked which was said to be of Kashmala Tariq. Also a photo was related to Kashmala where a woman was seen at beach. However according to sources both these controversies (telephone call and beach photo) were only rumor.

Once in a talk show of Express News (Kal Tak hosted by Javed Chaudhry) Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan insulted Kashmala Tariq very badly.

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82 Responses to “Kashmala Tariq Video Scandal – Real Or Fake ?”

  1. khan

    Jul 03. 2014

    shumaila baita aap idher kya choopny k liy i thi ???

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  2. zeeshan

    Jul 03. 2014

    You are absolutely right shumaila

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  3. Nadeem khan

    Jul 18. 2014

    Ye jo parliament main bethi hain shaid hi in main koi ho jo aysi na ho baqi sab pehly kisi na kisi mashhor polition k beds sy uth kr Aii hoi hain

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  4. Asif Masood

    Jul 22. 2014

    Incrimination is a great sin.Unless you got 4 witnesses you have no right to incriminate anyone. incrimination is punishable by 80 lashes according to commandments by Allah in the Holy Quran.

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  5. Awan Saqib

    Jul 24. 2014

    He musalmano Koi he Allah ka banda Allah is k rasul ko chahny wala to to khuda k lea is mulk me islami nzam qayam rakho is mulk me insaf qayam kro are badbahtoo q apny mulk ko khaye ja rahy ho in gado ko htao nwaz shrief ko or is k sare sathio ko is ki jga ek nia islami nzam qayam kro yaha foji haqamat qayam kro are in se achy to perwaz mushraf thy jin k dor me km az km greeb 3 ki roti to ly skta tha na in k jan k bad sare gfady aye jo koi b bathta he kehta he me ye kr du ga wo kr du ga jb bath gia seat pe to khzana khali in ki tanhwa ki hssab kro in k pass itni dolat kha se ayi Allah se dua he Allah hume hdait de hume Achy leader ata kre jo mulk ko is rasty pe ly kr jaye jis k lea jis irady se is ko qayam kia gia tha btao jis k pass khany ko ni he wo matro bs me kasy bathy ga are jo apna nam bnnany k lea ye krty ho ager ksi ko dy do wo greeb 4 din sukh k guzar le ga

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  6. salman

    Jul 30. 2014


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  7. Hamayou Rasheed

    Aug 03. 2014

    i love all of those haterz who hate me ……

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