Labour Party Sindh Protest Against Zulfiqarabad City

Hyderabad: Sindh Labor Party members held a rally from old campus to press club as protest against the construction of  Zulfiqarabad. The protestors chanted slogans against the authorities and said that such mega projects are designed to pave way for foreign investment and not for the betterment of the deprived segment of the society.Sindh LAbor Party-photo

Secretary General of the Sindh Labor Party Comrade Brachial Thule, Comrade Faiz Cairo, and Mubarak Jatoi and others participated in the rally. While addressing they said that the development project would leave around 2.5 million people homeless who will have to move from their area. It would also result in cutting of dense mangrove forests scattered in hectares in the area all around, resulting in chances of  floods. 20 million people would also face employment problems they further said.

On the federal government, the members slammed saying that the government has developed the project, while electing a retired leifnet as in charge of the project thereby passing the 18-constitution amendment. The government on the other hand rejected the plea of registering million hectares land of the owners.