Legal Approach To The Study Of Politics

Another traditional approach is the study of legal and constitutional institutions of the State. It began with the study of Roman Law at the end of the Middle Ages in Europe. Its most important contributions are the concept of State, and the theory of sovereignty during the early modern times. Later on, it contributed to the rise of constitutionalism as an essential basis of the State. At the same time, the legal approach also contributed to the concept of international law.

In Germany during the nineteenth century, it became the basis of the theory of State, known as Staatslehre (in German). It was the beginning of Political Science as such. It dominated political thought for a long time and made Political Science nothing more than the study of the State and government, law and administration and international law.

In other words, it made Political Science a mere legal and institutional study. It neglected such bases of political life and activities as culture, social conditions and traditions and needs, motives and impulses of human nature.