Massage Centre In Punjab Society, Lahore Exposed In Baat Se Baat

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar Khan with her team of Baat Se Baat (Express News show) raided a so called massage centre in Punjab Society in Lahore. Host of the show Dr. Maria showed that the massage centre was not used as massage centre and it was actually a sex centre.

Dr. Maria talked with a Chinese woman who said that this is a clinic and not massage centre whereas one woman present at the place said that it is a massage centre and she get Rs. 1000 per day. She also said that two Chinese and one Russian woman are present at this centre.

Baat Se Baat has become one of the most watched shows on Saturday at 7:00 PM. The show which showcased that how cyber sex has spread and have troubled women was a big hit and thousands of viewers watch it one Express News and also on internet.

Below is the video of massage centre show:

Below is the video of cyber sex show:

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