Milk Pack Dabba Controversy In Paksitan !!!

Recently I was roaming on internet when I found this message and photograph:milk pak dabba

“My mom found the milkpak dabba heavier than usual. Got inquisitive and cut it open. There is a 1 inch layer of creamy smelly crap lying there. This stuff is the lowest end of the food chain pls stop drinking these dabbay walay doodh…”

After the above message and photograph I thought that these milk pack dabba are not good it looks that these tetra pack milk are not suitable for us.

Many people have given different ideas on facebook that Nido should be used instead of Tetra pack milk, some are saying that fresh milk should be used.

I am confused and don’t know which milk should I use.

By Mariam Ghani

 nestle milk pack

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