Mohajir Qaumi Movement Aleem Ahmed Says Parties Unity To Face Government

Karachi: Mohajir Qaumi Movement Secretary Information Aleem Ahmed has said that politicians plan to wish the upcoming elections through fraud.In order to put an end to the evil plots set in the governor house,all the religious and social parties will have toMohajir Qaumi Movement-image unite to face the government. He said that the failure of the unity among the political and social parties to agree and adopt strategic planning is helping the opponent and tyrant ruler an upper hand.

Mr.Aleem said that Mohajir Movement is preparing for the upcoming elections.He said that no party can win over successfully in the metropolitan city without coalition with Mohajir Qaumi Movement.

Before this,Party’s  Central Executive Committee member Abdul Qadir Jillani said that in order to bring the facts behind the Baldia factory incident it is necessary to provide security to the factory owner and probe investigations against the extortionists.

He asked the investigations team to cross question the factory owner within security limits since the demand of extortionists for the ransom and the deny of the factory owner from uttering their names raises many questions.