MQM Junaid Fehmi Says Altaf’s Recent Statement Important

Washington DC: MQM America central organizer Junaid Fehmi, Joint Central Organizers Arshad Hussain, Nadeem Siddiqui and other members of Central Organizing Committee (COC)  have termed the latest statements recorded by the MQM Chief leader Altaf Hussein as highly important passed in accordance to highlight the extreme likely challenges and threats faced by the country.MQM- photo

According to statement released by theUS, he has said that Altaf Hussein as always has presented the real scenario before the ISI establishments’ leaders and the masses of the country.

At presentPakistanstands in quiet a difficult situation, when on one hand stands the dark side of bitter realities and on the other stands journey to a prosperous future.  The members of the organizing committee said that statements passed by Altaf Hussein are enough to awake and inform the leaders of the country.

The party leaders has appealed to the policy makers, leaders and politicians to sit together to look for some positive solution for the problems being faced by the country.  He urged them to devise a firm collective political strategy for the purpose.

In the end, representatives recommended the MQM members residing inUSAto disseminate the leader’s message to thePakistancommunity. They should be informed of national integration and the problems of the nation.


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