MQM Khalik Ahmed, Nishat Zia, Rehan Zafar Take Notice Of Water Issue

Karachi : MQM Haq Parast Committee members, MPA Syed Khalid Ahmed , MPA Nishat Zia Qadri and MPA Rehan Zafar visited the Central Water Laboratory operated under the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board to check the quality of water supplied and to see if the water was deplete of chlorine.KWSB_photo

The MPA s’ officially visited the site after news were published that highlighted the ignorance of  the water and sewerage authorities in supplying quality water without addition of chlorine. Water and Sewerage Managing director Misbah Uddin Fareed, Chief Engineers , Mechanical engineers and others were also present along with the committee members .

On the occasion , Managing Director of KWSB told the members of assembly that the authority has been fully doing its duty of supplying the pure water to the masses to ensure healthy and safe environment. He said that ample amount of chlorine is added to the filter plants to make the water pure and clean as per the requirement.

Chief Engineer while briefing told that in order to check the status of water and the filter plant a proper working and experienced staff has been employed who ensure addition of chlorine and other chemicals into the water to make it pure. The staff has been doing its responsibility well, he further told.

Samples of water from various parts of the city are collected and the tests are conducted to avoid any health problem relating to any of the chemical. We have talked to various companies who would look into the matter. More chlorine would be added to solve the issue raised. Chlorine cylinders are present at all the filter plants to meet the requirment and efforts are being made to make the presence of alum and chlorine evident at the all the filter plants, the Members were further informed.

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