Muhammad Ali Tabassum Stone Expert Exposed On ARY Sare Aam

ARY News show Sare Aam show on stone expert Muhammad Ali Tabassum raises eyebrows on many people. Muhammad Ali Tabassum has been guest in many TV shows where he has calimed that he is expxert in stone.

Muhammad Ali Tabassum on his website claimed that he has done M.A. (L.L.B) – MSC Geology. He has large experience in stone therapy, palmistry and astrology and his forefathers were also expert in this field and are doing this work from the last 200 years. Ali Tabassum office is located at Main Karimabad, Karachi.

During the Sare Aam team exposes Muhammad Ali Tabassum that how he is harassing people to generate money from them and solving their problems. Watch full program here:

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