NASA Laser Killed Pakistan Army Soldiers At Gyari Sector – SMS

I received a SMS regarding Gayri sector incident that this was caused by NASA lasers impulse. I tried to found the authenticity of the SMS on various platforms including internet but I was unable to find any authenticity and it looks that this SMS is fake.


The SMS which I received is as follows:

I really feel sorry on scientific backwardness of our Nation. The instant incident of live burial of 138 troops of Pak Army at Gyari sector of Siachen glacier is neither due to an avalanche nor a Cloud burst but a Satellite targeted Laser impulse by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) which resulted into this Objective Oriented Killing Of Pakistan troops after Salala check post.?Plz forward for National Awakening Campaign. Shame to US and spit on the faces of our leaders.

By Jameel Lodhi


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  1. Abdul Rafe

    May 12. 2012

    I Guess this is true. i read about it somewhere how they cut through ice by laser in Antarctica to make fake global warming .. thus putting huge chunks of ice into Antarctic ocean…
    …..they are pressurizing Pakistan to leave Siachen…

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