Nawabzada Muzaffar Ali Khan & Mazhar Ali Khan Joins PML-N

Gujrat: Former district council chairman Nawabzada Muzaffar Ali Khan ex-MPA, ex-MNA Nawabzada Mazhar Ali Khan and other prominent figures from the Nawabzada family announced to join Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Saturday in a meeting held in Lahore by the PML-N leaders.PML-N-image

The new comers were warmly welcomed by the PML-N leader. He said that joining of  the Nawabzada family members would help to strengthen party by gaining support from the Gujrat district through their representation.

The social, religious figures showed their full support and faith towards the motto of the PML-N.

It is pertinent here to mention that Muzaffar Ali Khan and Mazhar Ali Khan are the elder brothers of  Ghazanfar Ali Gull who is the supporter of PPP and had also remained adviser to Prime Minister.

Mr.Ghazanfar said that Sharifs have proved their “friendship ” with him by splitting the Nawabzada family. He said that he would continue to support PPP whether he is given tickets in the next elections or not.

It is important here to mention that Muzaffar and Mazhar had been in contact with the PML-N leadership for last year and finally they ended joining up the party, proving to be a major force.