Islami Jamiat

Islami Jamiat Talba Danial Ahmed, Arshad Khaskheli Starts Campaign

Shahpur Chakar: Islami Jamiat Talba’s campaign “Hum Se Hai Pakistan” has started by nazim of Nawab Shah’s division Danial Ahmed and district Sangarh’s nazim Arshad Khaskheli. ... Continue Reading →

Jamaat-e-Islami Usama Razi Will Bring Change Through Service

Karachi: Naib Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. Usama Razi has announced to bring change through public service as he was addressing to the participants of the occasion of Haleem’s dawat ... Continue Reading →
Mian Naseer Ahmad

Mian Naseer Ahmad PP-155 (Lahore-XIX) Politician

Mian Naseer Ahmad is a politician of PML (N) who holds the official position of Chairperson in Special Committee No 1 in 16th Assembly of Punjab, whose tenure is from the year 2013-till ... Continue Reading →

Mian Maqsood Ahmed Asks Govt To React Against Indian Attacks

Lahore: Ameer Jamaat e Islami Lahore Mian Maqsood Ahmed has asked government to take action against Indian attacks and respond to Indian aggression. Maqsood Ahmed said that Pakistan ... Continue Reading →

Shoes That Go The Distance – Vehicle Tyres

While using old discarded tyres to make footwear is not a new concept (we have all seen documentaries of Masai tribesmen wearing Lugabire sandals made out of worn out tyres,while ... Continue Reading →
PTI Aijaz Janjua

PTI Aijaz Janjua Argues At Khalid Khakwani’s House

Multan: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Multan District President Aijaz Janjua and other members boycotted the press conference of PTI’s chairman Imran Khan which was held at PTI’s ... Continue Reading →