Pakistan First Five Year Plan (1955-60)

The First Year Plan of Pakistan which was supported to be completed in April 1954, could not be implemented at the proper time therefore, it was extended for one year and was initiated in April 1955. The draft of this Plan was published in 1958 and was revised by the end of 1958 and the beginning of 1957.

In April 1957, it was approved by National Economic Council in April 1957 and come in force in May 1958.

Size Of The Plan: The size of the First Plan initially was Rs. 11500 million which was revised and decreased to 10800 million out of which Rs. 750 million for the public sector and Rs. 3300 million for the private sector was allocated. Of the total plan amount of Rs. 6600 million from the internal sources and R.s 4200 million was to be achieve from the foreign sources in the form of loans and aid.