Pakistan – Islamic Provisions Of The 1962 Constitution

Sovereignty of Allah: The Objectives Resolution was incorporated in the Preamble of the Constitution. The Preamble said that the sovereign authority of the Universe belongs to Almighty Allah. Power to rule the state is a sacred trust entrusted to the people of Pakistan by Allah Almighty.

Islamic Republic: The state was named the Republic of Pakistan in the original text of the Constitution, but it was later amended as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This was done on strong public protest. Muslim Head of the

State: Only a Muslim could be the President of the Republic. Since this was a presidential constitution, office of the prime minister did not exist under this constitution.

Supremacy of the Islamic Law: Existing laws shall be amended in the light of Islamic Principles, and it will be ensured that all laws passed in future conform to the tenets of Islamic Shariah.


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