Pakistani Daad Mohammed Have 93 Children, Wants To Complete Century

daad mohammed most childrenPakistani born Daad Mohammed who is a citizen of UAE is father of 93 children and has married to 23 women. Daad Mohammed was born on 8th August 1948 in Gwadar, Balochistan. Daad Mohammed father migrated to UAE in 1955 and later on he was given nationality. Daad Mohammed worked for Ajman Army for 16 years.

Daad Mohammed first marriage was held in 1969 in Karachi and from his first wife he has 16 children. Daad Mohammaed in a recent interview said that he wants to complete century of children and he is expecting to become father of 100th children in 2013. Daad Mohammed is father of 56 boys and 37 girls.

Daad Mohammad who lives in Ajman (UAE) is given allowance by the government. His monthly allowance is 58000 UAE Dirham. In 1995 he lost his one leg in a car accident. When asked that Islam gives permission of four marriages at a time, Daad said that he has never remained with more than four Nikkah. Daad Mohammed added that whenever her any wife age goes beyond 40, he gives divorce to her but she is supported financially by the government.

Daad Mohammad also said that he wants his name in Guinness World Records after becoming father of 100 children.


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