Pakistani Female News Anchors Should Follow Egypt’s Maria TV

Recently launched Maria TV of Egypt has done excellent job as all the women working in the channel are properly veiled. The channel is exclusively run by women and they hope to tell the whole world that they are successful women wearing Hijab.

If we compare this to Pakistan where females news anchors, hosts are without veil and Pakistan channels does not look like channels of a Muslim country. Different vulgar and immoral shows are on aired from these channels which are misleading our society. Pakistan government should instruct all these channels management that all the female staff should also dress in our culture at least and not in western culture.

It is also very sad to see that porn websites are still reachable in Pakistan despite PTA instructions to ban these websites. In august 2011 petition was filed in Supreme Court to ban porn websites.

Following are the female news anchors which are very much dressed against our religion and culture :

  • Meher Bukhari
  • Fareeha Idress
  • Jasmeen Manzoor
  • Sana Bucha
  • Shaista Wahidi and many other female casters

Many people are of the opinion that it is very difficult to follow women of Maria TV but our female news hosts can follow female journalist Asma Shirazi.

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