Pakistani Female News Anchors Should Follow Egypt’s Maria TV

Recently launched Maria TV of Egypt has done excellent job as all the women working in the channel are properly veiled. The channel is exclusively run by women and they hope to tell the whole world that they are successful women wearing Hijab.


If we compare this to Pakistan where females news anchors, hosts are without veil and Pakistan channels does not look like channels of a Muslim country. Different vulgar and immoral shows are on aired from these channels which are misleading our society. Pakistan government should instruct all these channels management that all the female staff should also dress in our culture at least and not in western culture.

It is also very sad to see that porn websites are still reachable in Pakistan despite PTA instructions to ban these websites. In august 2011 petition was filed in Supreme Court to ban porn websites.

Following are the female news anchors which are very much dressed against our religion and culture :

  • Meher Bukhari
  • Fareeha Idress
  • Jasmeen Manzoor
  • Sana Bucha
  • Shaista Wahidi and many other female casters

Many people are of the opinion that it is very difficult to follow women of Maria TV but our female news hosts can follow female journalist Asma Shirazi.

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6 Responses to “Pakistani Female News Anchors Should Follow Egypt’s Maria TV”

  1. Shahid

    Aug 05. 2012

    We don’t want mini tented women like in Egyptian TV. A great example is within our country. Just follow SUCH TV. They are doing great in Pakistan.

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  2. xxxyyyzzz

    Aug 05. 2012

    Everyone has a right to live how he/she wants.

    Do your women, mothers and sisters wear veil??… if u cant make them wear it – stop making an issue out of it then

    wearing hijjab does not testify anyone’s vitue or Piousness .. many veiled women disguise in fake veiles and many women who do not wear veils hv hearts full of faith, piousness and true believes of islam.. so i dont believe in this stupid concept…everyone is answerable to his Allah.. Only Allah can judge true identities.. we are noone to judge….

    I respect people who choose to put a veil on their faces but I detest the fact that they make it a religious issue. Such thing does not exist in religion and if you are so worried about someone looking at your face, why then? why get out in public, stay home, have someone run your errands, Don’t make a statement of you being holier than others by exposing your veiled face that someone may find very very very sexy so now you have an other problem- you the veiled woman are responsible for for this ill hearted person’s sin of getting attracted to a veiled woman and fantasizing you know what. People get a grip, enough of this veil and beard, self righteous war. YOU DO YOUR THING AND LET THE WORLD DO THEIR’S. People have enough problems to deal with. Let us put a veil on this ridiculous debate of veil being the sign of modesty. Modesty is to stay home if you feel that strongly about veil. That will prove how committed someone is to this claim..

    NO. everyone is free to do as they extremist has the right to impose on anyone else. so please. mind your own business and let others live. everyone thinks that the other person is wrong so the only solution is to mind’s own business.

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    • N

      Aug 06. 2012

      Agree 100%. The veil, though honorable and respectable for those who do choose to wear by no means ascertains piety and righteous behavior in a woman. In many countries, prostitutes that go out to make their next sale, are always covered from head to toe in abayas and burqas, etc. And from what I know about Islam, you should do what disassociates you from non pious behavior!

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  3. Pashon

    Aug 06. 2012

    I’m not sure which is dumber, the idea of veiled women TV or the author of this article. If those women don’t wanna be seen but wanna be heard, they could start a radio station instead of TV… & if the author has problem with women anchors, there’s something called a Remote control, just switch the channel, dumbo!!

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  4. LearnB4speak

    Aug 08. 2012

    In general logical term all of you correct and most of people will agree with you all…. you all have to remember that Islam is not logic neither any act…

    If you have accepted it then you have to obey it… do not look for excuses….
    In actual Islamic way veil is the method for all women to wear it…. I might have different technique how to wear it…
    Beard and hat is also the way for men…….



    I’m not a religious person but l speak the truth and the fact…..

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  5. Faisal Malik

    Aug 17. 2012

    As, a muslim its our obligation to tell others which is right and which is wrong according to the teachings of Islam.
    If someone follow its good otherwise that person is responsible on not to follow.

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