Political Science As A Study Of Government

Political Science is also a study of the government and all its. stands for Government is the working agency of the State, its most vital part and its most important aspect. Just as a man cannot exist without a head, a State cannot exist without a government. It makes laws and enforces them; it administers the country, maintains peace and order in the State and defends it against its internal and external enemies.

We, therefore, study in Political Science the forms or kinds of government, its various organs, and departments and such other allied institutions as the local government, public services, or bureaucracy, etc.

It considers the questions of what the organs of the government are and their functions, how they are constituted and, more importantly, what are the social and psychological factors and forces which determine how they use their powers, take decisions and adopt policy. What Political Science aims at is to discover what political life is, who its actors are, and what its laws are.