PPP Fawad Chaudhary Says 40% Punjab Budget Spent On Raiwind

Lahore: PPP has held the Punjab government responsible for the economic crisis. They have said that for 4.5 years manly government has been set up in the province. 40% of the province development project money is being spent on Raiwind. The Punjab province immensely has seen seen crisis due to bad governance of the minister. He urged the Supreme Court to take notices of rapid transports, cheap bread, laptop and other projects.PPP-flag image

Adviser to the Prime Minister Fawad Chaudhary along with PPP Punjab Secretary information Amir and finance Secretary Aurangzeb Barki said these words whiel addressing a press club. He said that Ferozpur road has been broken and reconstructed as per the desire of the minister for 7 times within the period of 4 years. Provincial goverment came up with schemes that included laptop distribution, Danish School Ashiyana and cheap bread distribution but all came to end due to failure.

He further criticised thePunjab governemnt saying that the rapid transport project has been initiated.11 million rupees were estimated for the project.However,only in the first phase around 29 million rupees have been invested.According to an estimation the project may require amount upto 60-70 million which means that each transport wouldcost around 1 million. He further revealed that the steel used in the project is that from the leaders own steel mills.

He appealed to the Supreme Court to also take actions against the other political parties instead of PPP alone.”We will not file any reference, we have presented the evidences now the Supreme Court is responsible to take action”