PPP Malik Sajjad Says Govt Priority Is To Provide Relief To People

Islamabad : PPP Islamabad Joint Secretary Malik Sajjad has said that providing the masses with the basic necessities of  life remains the party’s primary objective. To achieve this end the government has utilized all the resources.

PPP has faced the hardships with bravery and confidence and it is because of this reason that the party continues to gain support of the masses, sprawling and gaining support through out the country, the secretary said.

He said that few of the very eminent steps taken by the government for people include 18 constitution amendment, provincial autonomy and NFC award.He said that utilization of the resources have added to gain considerable revenue from the provinces.

Malik Sajjad opined that the undergoing project in the Bhara Kahu would add to the well being of people, thus raising their standards of living.