PPP Sargodha Politicians Including Zulfiqar Bhatti Joins PML-N

nawaz sharif pml nMurree: Around One Dozen senior PPP activities of Sargodha district have left Peoples Party (PPP). Former Nazims, Ticket holders and senior members of PPP announced their affiliation with Nawaz Sharif. They met Nawaz Sharif here on 24 July to declare their political association.

One of most senior PPP leader in Northern Punjab, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti who contested election from NA-67 on PPP seat was also among them.

Other local PPP senior members who joined Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz are Raja Rehan Mehdi, Raja Waqar Mehdi, Afzal Siyal, Tahir Javed, Afzal Hussain Bhobak, Altaf Hussain Munda, Ahmed Sher Awan and Malik Imtiaz Nisowana.

At this moment, chief of PML-N Nawaz Sharif claimed that his party will get mass victory in next General Election.