Prostitution Centers in Posh Areas of Karachi Exposed by Samaa TV

karachi-Prostitution-CenterProstitution is an illegal and un-Islamic action but it’s openly operation in all over Pakistan. These Sex centers are available not only in bungalows but also in Apartments and beauty Parlors. To expose these types of centers in Metropolitan City, Samaa TV recorded videos of these centers from hidden camera.

A Woman who is running a center told that she pays around 4 lacs on per month basis. Police rejected claims of woman. It’s worth mentioning here that ARY News Team also on-aired Paid Prostitution center in Tariq Road’s Beauty Parlor.

Instead of going for raid on that prostitution Center, Police informed Center’s owner before reaching there, Host said. Police also escaped from Police Station when Samaa TV was present there. SHO of Sir Syed Police Station was also looking suspected due to his behavior.

The Samaa TV also showed that these women has organized group in which they work for money. Few days back, a massive raid exposed Hidden Sex places in Lahore. Now other channels are also trying to highlight this black side of our society.

Famous Places in Karachi for this Black Business (Trading of Sex)

  • Zamzama
  • Mazar e Quaid
  • Aladin Park
  • Safari Park
  • Ice Cream Parlous in all over the city
  • And many other places on Famous Roundabouts
    1. awais
    2. Maliksarfraz
    3. حافظ سلمان
    4. waleed
      • ajmal
    5. khalid
    6. Telphone
    7. ajmal
    8. Sherzad
    9. wasiullah
    10. saad
      • shafiq
    11. Umair
    12. aryan khan
    13. Ilyass

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