Prostitution Centers in Posh Areas of Karachi Exposed by Samaa TV

karachi-Prostitution-CenterProstitution is an illegal and un-Islamic action but it’s openly operation in all over Pakistan. These Sex centers are available not only in bungalows but also in Apartments and beauty Parlors. To expose these types of centers in Metropolitan City, Samaa TV recorded videos of these centers from hidden camera.


A Woman who is running a center told that she pays around 4 lacs on per month basis. Police rejected claims of woman. It’s worth mentioning here that ARY News Team also on-aired Paid Prostitution center in Tariq Road’s Beauty Parlor.

Instead of going for raid on that prostitution Center, Police informed Center’s owner before reaching there, Host said. Police also escaped from Police Station when Samaa TV was present there. SHO of Sir Syed Police Station was also looking suspected due to his behavior.

The Samaa TV also showed that these women has organized group in which they work for money. Few days back, a massive raid exposed Hidden Sex places in Lahore. Now other channels are also trying to highlight this black side of our society.

Famous Places in Karachi for this Black Business (Trading of Sex)

  • Zamzama
  • Mazar e Quaid
  • Aladin Park
  • Safari Park
  • Ice Cream Parlous in all over the city
  • And many other places on Famous Roundabouts
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15 Responses to “Prostitution Centers in Posh Areas of Karachi Exposed by Samaa TV”

  1. awais

    Mar 02. 2013


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  2. Maliksarfraz

    Mar 03. 2013

    Tbi to pakistan ka ye hal hy

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  3. حافظ سلمان

    Mar 03. 2013

    Good Aise Logo Ko Sabaq Sikhana Chahiye,
    Or Es Kaam Ke Chalane Walo Ko Phansi Deni Chahiye..Thanks Samaa News Channel & Good Job Ali Mumtaz….SK Islamabad

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  4. waleed

    Mar 17. 2013

    Superb work bro. They shud b punished according to islam..

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    • ajmal

      Jun 20. 2013

      punish the men not the women as a muslim think cant anyone help these women with out take them to thier room for lust

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  5. khalid

    Apr 27. 2013

    good work be positive your work is hard but hardship will open the gate of prosperity

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  6. Telphone

    May 04. 2013

    Please write the contact no.
    Bravo Zardaree—great progress.
    Long live late Zardaree.

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  7. ajmal

    Jun 20. 2013

    i think they are innocent just think why they are doing if they ask for help every want to give more money but get some thing more from them first solve thier pbms then expect good from them never expose them just expose thier helplessness and the anchore should debate about this which is responsiblity of every muslim

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  8. Sherzad

    Aug 21. 2013

    It seems to be shameful and socially harmful when you advertise such type of bad activities in the socity . I think these must be banned from govt. side. If it is impossible then there should be some flexibilities at least for those who were agreed from both male and female side. Beacuase diverse group of communities and citizens are living here in the region.On the other hand it may cause sexual deseases and becom chronic.

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  9. wasiullah

    Feb 14. 2014

    hmmmm free enjoyment

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  10. saad

    May 16. 2014

    Jis society mae NIKKAH ko aasaan bna diya jaye wahan aisi buraeiyan khtam ho jati hain. Is daldal se nikalnay k liye sirf bol dena kafi nahi, sirf maslay ko nazron mae lana kafi nahi. Hum sb ko apni apni jgah effort krni hai k jb bhe life mae moqa milay to apnay apnay tareeqay se society mae kuch aisa kr dain k shadiyan krna aasaan ho jaye aur dikhaway k trends se jaan choott jaye jis pr lakhon ropay kharch krny prty hain. NGO kholo, muhallay k level pr mil jul kar un sufaid posh logon ki madad kro jink larkay aur larkiyan is liye shadi nahi kr pa rahay k paisay nahi unk pas. apni apni istita’at k mutabiq koshish kro sb. May ALLAH bless us as nation!

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  11. Umair

    May 17. 2014

    Good work

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  12. aryan khan

    May 18. 2014

    Esy logo ko to nanga kar ke marna chai han ya log apni maa bap ki izzat miti main mela ty han in me parents ko atla deni chai han ke in ko sakh se sakh saza de

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  13. Ilyass

    Sep 26. 2014

    I am from kashmir.
    Pakistan ki inn harkatu ki wajah say hum kashmiru ko boht dukh hota hai, please stop these unislamic acts.

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