Rehman Malik Reminds Nawaz Sharif to Fulfill Forgotten Promise

Karachi: Former Federal Minister and Pakistan People Party (PPP) Central leader, Rehman Malik has said stance of the KPK government only to block NATO supply has given the message internationally that we lack unity amongst ourselves. ‘The whole nation shall stand sternly in front of America to resolve the issue’, he said.

He said that if through peace talks negotiations with Taliban can be done. Then, then we should step ahead. But, unfortunately the militants are not ready for peaceful negotiations, he added.

Malik said that the present Nawaz government is following the PPP strategies. Expressing views about the Karachi operation carried out by the PML-N government against the criminal bodies in Karachi, Rehman said that in our time, the situations were deteriorated. However, the political conditions now seem to get better, he added. The PPP leader expressed these views while talking to the journalists on Monday at Karachi Airport.

He opined that Taliban militants have had never remained loyal to the country. But, since the nation is convinced to entering peace talks with them, hence we shall look forward to them.  He said that the militant body however does not seem to be serious in negotiating through peaceful way.

The former interior minister further stated that Nawaz Sharif had promised of making the country capable to strike drone attacks. But, the government has failed to fulfill its words. He said that the government shall step forward in equipping the country of the drone strikes. ‘Nation and we will support them’, said Rehman.

He said that the present government has also failed to stabilize the financial conditions of the country. ‘During our tenure, dollar rate had not exceeded 100 Rs’.

Tug of politics continue as the former governing body PPP and present PML-N continue to blame each other for its failures. Still, we lack unity, we are incapable of drone strike and the $ increasing rate in international market, with low rupee rate has added to miseries.